Cat Tries To Stop Parents From Going On Trip Without Her

Cat Sneaks Into Luggage

Many pets do not like it when their parents leave the house. If they are left home alone, it can cause some pets a lot of stress and anxiety until their parents return. Similarly, when cats and dogs are left in the care of a kennel or a cattery, it is an experience that they do not enjoy and they would much rather they were in the comfort of their own home. While most cats that are being left behind will soon recover from the experience, there are others that take the initiative and attempt to take steps to prevent their parents from leaving without them

That was the case of a five-year-old cat called Candy, reports The Dodo. They tell the tale of Nick Coole and his wife Voirrey who were traveling from their home in the Isle of Man to New York to celebrate his birthday. When they arrived at the airport, things didn’t go to plan. Unexpectedly, they were held up by airport security, which is something that had never happened to them before. They had only packed light for their short trip as they didn’t need a lot and wanted to leave some room in their case to bring back a few souvenirs from the Big Apple. They didn’t realize that one of their carry-ons was heavier than intended.

The bag had gone through a scanner, and then airport security began asking questions. They repeatedly asked if the bag belonged to them before ushering them into a private room. Coole and his wife had no idea what the issue was and why they needed to go to the private room, although they knew that there must be something amiss with their bag. Coole’s wife began to think that the only possibility was something to do with their cat.

In the private room, the airport security officer unzipped the carry-on bag. To everyone’s surprise, out popped the Coole’s cat Candy. She was clearly unhappy at the thought of being left behind. Although the Coole’s have three cats, Candy is the only one with a penchant for hiding in unusual places. According to Metro, the cat had snuck into the bag without them noticing, and they hadn’t heard or felt the cat moving in the bag during their journey to the airport. They were just as surprised that the cat was there as the airport security.

As they had no idea that Candy was inside the bag, they felt no need to check the contents and put their bag straight on the conveyor belt. They had no idea why airport security was asking them questions. Fortunately, the couple was not prosecuted for the unusual contents in their bag, and the airport security couldn’t have been more helpful, reports the BBC. The Cooles said that the airport staff was extremely helpful with the predicament in which they found themselves.

The airport staff even helped to organize a way for Candy to get home so that the couple could still make their flight and enjoy their celebratory trip to New York. Mrs. Coole’s father Barry came to collect Candy form the airport, and the staff looked after the cat until he arrived. When Barry collected the cat, he took Candy home with him to care for her until the Coole’s returned from New York. Thankfully, the Coole’s made it onto their flight at the last minute and had an enjoyable trip without the worry of whether the cat is being well cared for. They were reunited with her once they returned back to the Isle of Man. Surprisingly, this is not the first time that Candy has had a little adventure of her own when her parents have taken a break.

Once, the Cooles went away on holiday and Candy decided she didn’t want to spend her time alone, so she took a little trip. The Cooles believe that the cat hitched a ride in a builder’s van, as she was found in a different town after they had returned from their trip. It seems that Candy has a taste for adventure. Since her trip to the airport, Candy has also become a social media sensation. Nick Coole decided to post on Facebook about her adventures, as he can see the funny side of the incident. He put up photographs of Candy at the airport and outlined the airport incident on the social media site. Clearly, other people thought the story was amusing too, as the posts were soon going viral. The posts now have a total of more than 4,500 likes and over 2,000 comments.

Candy is not the only cat to hit the headlines recently for an unusual airport adventure. Simple Flying reports the story of a cat called Milo who had arrived at Washington Dulles Airport on a flight from Munich. He had been transported in the hold of the aircraft along with another cat. When the cat carrier was transported to the baggage belt, it became damaged. This allowed Milo to escape and begin his adventure around the airport.

When Milo’s owner arrived at the arrivals hall, she found her other cat Beau in his cat carrier, but Milo’s carrier was empty. With the help of airport officials, Milo’s owner began her search around the airport. Unfortunately, Milo is still at large. The airport is taking Milo’s disappearance very seriously, and it is hoped that he is found soon somewhere on the airport’s grounds. If he has stayed at the airport, it is likely that he will be found safe and well. However, there is the possibility he has left the airport and begun an adventure in the surrounding area. If that is the case, finding Milo could prove a little trickier as it is not known in which direction he may have headed.

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