Cat Discovered In The Old Cockpit of a Boeing 737 after 11 Days

You never know where a cat is going to pop up. We joined the ranks of readers who wonder how a cat became stuck in an old EL AL 737 cockpit. One Mile at a Time ran the incredible story of a cat that was found in the cockpit of the old plane that had been kept in storage for more than a week. The story unfolded at the Ben Guiron Airport located in Israel. It is still unknown how long the cat had been living in the airplane. The last trip was made to Dubai before the plane being placed in storage on the 24th of January 2020. Investigators noted that the cat had done a fair amount of damage to the interior by scratching the interior and chewing on various items in the plane’s cockpit. Workers first saw the cat through the window of the plane and set about to let him out of the aircraft. nobody seems to know where the cat came from or if he was a pet that a passenger from the last flight had lost. It’s a wonder that the animal survived for that long without water to drink or food to eat. Some believe that the cat wandered into the plane after the last flight as it was being prepared to go into storage. Since Israel has more than its fair share of feral cats, it’s believed to be a stray that was looking for a place to make a home. Workers were quick to make sure that the animal was given food and water. It’s a miracle that the cat that was believed to be on the plane for at least 11 days was still alive. It is the sincere hope of his rescuers that he will make a full recovery, but as of this time, the cat’s condition is not known.

Cats do not thrive alone outdoors

According to PETA, although there are hundreds of thousands of feral cats on the loose, they don’t do very well on their own. Domesticated cats that are tuned out in the cold without the help of humans are prone to a plethora of feline illnesses, parasites, and attacks from predators. Many suffer from starvation, heat stroke, dehydration, freezing, contagious disease, cruelty by humans who kill them in brutal ways, and the list goes on. Many animal shelters participate in euthanasia by the thousands because of the high populations of stray cats that overfill the shelters. Even trap neuter release programs that are intended to help, do little to ease the suffering. When cats are trapped and made sterile, it prevents them from multiplying, but it does nothing to protect them from the dangers and the suffering that they encounter on the streets. It’s just one more form of abandonment.

The problems of feral cats

While there is no doubt that feral cats present a problem, they’re just trying to survive in a cruel and harsh world. Feral cats generally spread disease, worm, and other parasite infestations, and fight with domestic cats who come across them. As in the story of the cat found in the cockpit of the airplane in Israel, they can be destructive to personal property for homeowners and businesses. Feral cats represent a host of problems and dangers, and this is one of the reasons why so many try to get rid of them.

The innocent suffer needlessly

Feral cats that are not socialized can also be dangerous to humans. If you corner one or try to pick them up or handle them, there is a serious risk of being scratched or bitten. An unvaccinated cat can carry disease. Serious and life-threatening infections are common from cat bites. Despite all of these unappealing facts about feral cats, the truth is that they are innocents. They’re just trying to survive, and the problem of feral cats is one that was created by humans. So many people fail to have their pets sterilized that breeding goes unchecked. This results in hordes of unwanted kittens that are turned out on the streets to breed in back alleys or wherever they can find a home. They’re only doing what comes naturally to them.

What is the solution?

If more people would take responsibility and get their pets spayed and neutered it would cut down on the number of feral cats roaming our neighborhoods. These poor vulnerable animals are living in terrible conditions and suffering terribly, and it’s truly our fault for creating the situation, to begin with. The answer to the problem is a concentrated effort by everyone to curb breeding by having their animals spayed or neutered. Don’t adopt a pet unless you’re willing to become their lifelong family. Pet parenting is a responsibility that continues for the life of the animal. They depend on humans to provide them with a loving home, appropriate medical attention, healthy food and clean water, and lots of love and affection. It’s quite a commitment but one that pays off with love and companionship for the effort.

Final thoughts

The story of the cat that was found in the cockpit of an airplane that had been left in storage reminds us that countless cats are roaming the streets with no place to call their homes. They require loving homes and people who are willing to take them in and protect them from harm. Cats are playful and wonderful pets for those who have the resources and dedication to take care of them. While feral cats do represent a danger to humans and other cats, they are really just innocent victims that have fallen victim to terrible circumstances. Animals are the innocents who have come to depend on humans to provide for their well-being. When we fail to do so, it leads to unnecessary suffering. The best thing we can do is to make sure that all of our animals are spayed or neutered to cut down on the number of unwanted and abandoned cats.

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