More Than 80 Cats, Kittens Rescued from a Hoarder in Sterling, CO

The stories are always heartbreaking to hear, helpless animals being kept in deplorable conditions. Unfortunately, not all of these situations have a happy ending for the animals, but for this one, fortunately there is a happy ending for the cats. It’s a rescue that will change their lives.

In Sterling, Colorado, more than 80 cats were found and rescued from a hoarder’s home on Wednesday, according to the Sterling Police Department. The Sterling Police Department, along with the help of the SPCA, and the Colorado Humane Society (CHS), went in together, to remove all the kittens and cats from the home that is at 306 Clark St.

All of the cats were removed and taken to Dumb Friends League while the authorities are looking into the case. Officials have said that they will remain there until the proper steps are taken in processing the owner and there is a cost-of-care hearing. All of the cats will receive a medical evaluation and medical treatment, in the meanwhile, and the decision on adoption and how that process will be handled, will follow. This will depend on the final decision on all of the cats’ dispositions once they are evaluated. Some of the cats may be held and part of that decision will be based on the outcome of the hearing.

The name of the owner of all of these cats was not mentioned.


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