Cat’s Amazing Spirit Helps Overcome Broken Bones

Miss Kitty 1

Research and statistics released by the Humane Society of the United States’ indicate that over one million animals suffer domestic abuse annually. Miss Kitty is one of those innocent, defenseless victims. Her leg and other bones were broken by her owner’s boyfriend when, for unknown reasons, he viciously beat the cat. No one witnessed the horrible attack because her owner was not at home.

The good news is Miss Kitty received treatment thanks to Apex Animal Hospital in Helena, Montana and Lewis and Clark Humane Society (LCHS), is recovering well, and despite her traumatic experience shows no fear of contact with humans. The adorable feline was adopted by the staff and found her forever home at Apex.

Miss Kitty was picked up after her owner called the Helena Police Department’s animal control division to report the offense. The calico was critically injured, broken bones had to be set quickly, and surgical procedures performed. She’s a trooper, however, enduring each phase of her healing process with spirit and determination. She wears her protective cone, meant to prevent damage to wounds and stitches, with calm acceptance. Not only is Miss Kitty adorable, she is also very cheerful despite the pain she suffered.

“You wonder if there were any warning signs or if anything could have been done to prevent this from happening,” comments Katie Axline, LCHS cat adoption coordinator. Axline was shocked and saddened that an animal in her community could be treated so mercilessly. She adds that the most amazing aspect of her initial encounter with Miss Kitty was “she was happy to see me, even moving closer to greet me … despite what she has gone through”.

Miss Kitty 2

Animal cruelty laws focus mainly on the physical abuse to pets, there is little attention given to psychological and emotional abuse. Veterinarians are now addressing the impact of rejection, terrorizing, and isolation on injured animals. The field is recognizing the need for exploration of behaviors as indicators of possible adjustment problems in the future. It is well known that even after some animals are removed from the dangerous situation they will continue to exhibit anxiety and fearfulness. Signs of past abuse include a fear of normal hand movements or an overall aversion to humans. What makes Miss Kitty so special is that she not only survived the broken bones, she is thriving at the LCHS shelter.

The staff of veterinarians, veterinary techs, and other staff give her much needed care and affection daily. Miss Kitty has a cute sense of entitlement and enjoys all the attention. Typically, she loves to have her head and chin gently scratched. A full body massage and a cuddle are much appreciated.

She does have a surgery scheduled in the near future, this procedure will alleviate the pain in her hip. She’s in the absolute right place, recovery from this surgery could take quite some time. With her loving adopted family looking out for her, Miss Kitty will be surely be up and about as soon as possible. This little kitty is an inspiration to us all.


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