Cats Who Completely Hate Their Outfits


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Being a cat is tough. Being a cat who lives with people that love to dress you up is even tougher. Humans have a sick obsession with dressing up cats, and cats have to live with it. But let’s be honest; there is nothing more adorable than a cat dressed up in something sweet and adorable, being all fluffy and pouty. That’s why we do it. Cats just don’t understand that we’d dress the dogs up more if they had the same look of hatred and contempt on their faces. But since they don’t, we will continue to dress up the cat and enjoy the amazing anger that cats like to show. Check out these 20 cats and their hatred of their clothing.

Why does he get to be Batman? Look at his face. What a joker. 


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I will not “bee” happy about this, ever. 


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Step on me and I will lose it. I swear. This is ridiculous. 


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So let me get this straight. It’s Halloween so you want me, your cat, to dress up like a cat? Yeah, makes total sense. Hey, have another cocktail, moron. 


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I hate you. But not as much as he hates you in that dress. 


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I cannot ‘bee’lieve that this is my life. 


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What is this? Am I some sort of priest? I don’t even understand. I’m too pretty for this. 


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I hate dogs. 


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This cat doesn’t feel that words will suffice, so he’s just going to stick out his tongue until someone notices. 


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How many more lives do I have left? 


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I might be a natural redhead, but this is not flattering. 


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I just can’t. 


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Bah-humbug. I’m going to use the bathroom on your Christmas tree for this. 


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I’m not even going to complain after seeing some of the ensembles these other cats are rocking.


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You dressed me up as a vampire, but the second I bite you, you’re kicking me out. The injustice!


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Can we hear a little Snoop Dogg to get me in the costume mood, please?


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I hope your candy is poisoned. 


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I’m not laughing, dude. 


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