Cats on the Internet are Making a Comeback on TikTok

Nowadays, with so much time on our hands during this lockdown, people have perfected their culinary skills, while others are still searching for their life’s purpose. With our mobile phones being our constant companions, we have become so addicted to sharing memes and watching videos that people are now making a living from social media. Still, even without the enticement of the dollar, making funny videos helps pass the time, and now that we have to stay with our pets throughout, cats on the internet are making a comeback on TikTok. We love the felines so much that we now incorporate them on social media use, and here are two cases of cats going viral on the platform.

It’s all about having fun with the kitties

When 17-year-old Taylor Ryan recorded her 4-year-old cat, Ed, and posted the 12-second video on TikTok, she did not expect the huge reaction it received. Although all it shows is Ed clapping his paws, his face and him twirling, within 24 hours the video got over 6.8 million views and 1.2 million likes. Those who watched it confessed that it was the best video they had seen on the platform and they could not get enough. Ed’s video could not be contained on one platform alone, so it ended up on Twitter too where it got millions of views and thousands shared it with their friends. What matters most is that Taylor-Ryan did not hurt Ed during the recording. She explained her furry friend is so used to being picked up and twirled that he did not mind his owner doing the same as they recorded.

Taylor-Ryan’s video was posted in August 2019, but even a year later, the trend of recording cats has not stopped. As Abram told BuzzFeed News, Generation Z is picking it up hence the resurgence. According to Abram, who has been keeping his 1.8 million fans smiling with videos of him and his cat, Kurt, the popular trend has changed. People no longer want only to see a cat that can do something weird or funny; they prefer watching felines interact with humans. However, just like Taylor-Ryan, the bottom line is that regardless of how much he wants to keep TikTok users amused, he must ensure that Kurt still is comfortable during recording. Therefore, even if they are in the process of making a video and Kurt’s curiosity gets the better of him, Abram does not mind taking an hour or two to record a 15-second video dance.

Why we cannot get enough of cat videos

If you find yourself always looking for cat video whenever you are online, scientists revealed why you do. According to The Dodo, cat videos are popular because they seem oblivious to the fact they are being filmed. They are not like dogs that even strike a pose and smile for the cameras. Cats do what they want, and when they want it, and according to the experts, it enables us to imagine a world without surveillance. Of course, with the big brother watching you, that sense of freedom has been taken away from us. Moreover, since we watch the videos without disrupting the cat’s life, that feeling of being able to remain undisturbed pushes us to want more and more of the feline recordings.

However, others believe we are addicted to such videos because we cannot get enough of the cats’ instinct to be playful and curious. In Taylor-Ryan’s video, Ed is probably curious about the camera; hence he peers into it, but then his playful nature enables him to be twirled without any resistance. Additionally, sometimes their behavior is mind-boggling one minute they are sitting on your lap and the next they are hissing at you when you try to pet them. As a result, The Telegraph explains we are attracted to cat videos because we are in awe of them; seeing them do things we can’t, makes us want to watch them often.

Watching cats on the internet has its benefits

Before you dismiss watching cat videos as wasting time, you should know that researchers have conducted studies that concluded it is good for our health. As early as 2015, cat videos were still popular, and it prompted one researcher, Jessica Gall Myrick from Indian University, to study the impact of watching cat videos. She said while examining the internet, the effects internet cats have on humans could not be ignored. They concluded that people experienced less negative emotions by watching cat-related videos. It also improves job performance by enhancing carefulness and attention. Matter of fact is per her study published in Science Direct, once you watch internet cats, procrastination becomes a thing of the past.

However, there is always a limit to everything. If you turn watching cat videos into a habit, you will deny yourself the positive effects. Like a drug when taken for the first time, watching internet cats will give you a kick. Unfortunately, the “high” will continue to decrease with every subsequent video; hence you will no longer be boosting your mood and energy levels. Besides, although Jessica explained that the videos help to reduce procrastination, it will not make sense to watch videos the entire day and not handle important business. As a result, you will beat yourself up due to missed deadlines causing stress, the very thing you were trying to avoid.

How to ensure your cat video goes viral

Canadian Living advises that since cats do not care that you are filming them, you should get the camera as close to possible. However, since cats are also masters of their own shows, it would help if you acted as their director so you can get the exact movements or actions you want. The article also enlightens prospective video creators to learn from what they have seen other pet owners do, something that Taylor-Ryan put to practice and was rewarded with a video going viral.

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