10 Reasons to Follow “Chase No Face” The Cat on Social Media

Chase is a cat that was involved in a car accident when she was just a few weeks old. Her face took the brunt of the impact and this has led to her looking very different from other cats. She has no eyelids or nose and most of the fur on her face is missing. She also lost one of her back legs in the accident. Her Facebook page has over 120,000 likes and she is also fast becoming a star of Instagram. The top 10 reasons why you should be following Chase No Face are listed below.

She Shows Us It Is OK To Be Different

While it is true that Chase does not look how you would expect a cat to look she still lives a healthy and happy life. She shows all the time that it is not important to be the same as everyone else. Being unique is something that is worth being recognized for and this can be very positive.

She Has Overcome Adversity

Chase went through so much when she was so young but this doesn’t affect her as much as you think that it might. She lives a happy and full life and doesn’t let her problems get her down which is a lesson that we could all learn. She continues to overcome this adversity every day and she is a real inspiration.

You Can Follow Her Progress

Chase has good days and bad days. She is not in any pain but she can be susceptible to eye infections. Her Instagram posts show the highs and the lows and give you the chance to share in them.

She Has An Interesting Life

Chase has a very interesting life and this is something that people love to see. She goes on holiday to Disney, features on a whole range of merchandise and gets to play with her humans all day long. It is a life that most of us wished we had!

She Will Become One Of Your Favorite Cats

If you love to follow cats on Instagram then it will not be too long before Chase becomes one of your favorites. As you view her posts and see how cute she is you will not be able to resist falling in love with her. There is absolutely no reason for you not to follow her on Instagram.

Her Humans Love Her Unconditionally

One of the most inspiring things that her Instagram photos show is how much she is loved by her family. Melissa Smith was working at the clinic where Chase was bought after her accident and took her home to give her the extra attention that she needed. Melissa’s children have grown up with Chase and have always accepted her just the way she is. It is obvious from all of the photos that are posted that she is loved very much.

You May Get A Mention If You Send A Gift

People from all over the world send Chase gifts and she loves to have her photo taken with these. If you send her a gift that she really likes then there is a good chance that you will get a mention when the photo is posted.

You Can Buy Official Merchandise

Chase has launched a range of official merchandise and the links to this can be found on all her social media channels. The money that is raised from the sale of this merchandise helps to pay for her ongoing medical costs and is very much appreciated by the family.

She Celebrates Birthdays And Christmas

Some of the most popular pictures of Chase are the ones of her joining in birthday and holiday celebrations. She loves to be spoiled on these occasions and you can see how happy she is with the gifts that she receives. She also looks really cute in a party hat or other costume.

She Is Just Like Any Other Cat

The main thing that Chase’s Instagram and Facebook accounts shows us is that she is just like any other cat. She is happiest when she is fed and in the company of her humans. She can occasionally be grumpy but is usually very loving. She may look a bit different but she is a loved family pet and her humans feel very lucky to have her.

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