Nope, This Maine Coon is Not Photoshopped

The internet has had more than its share of fabulous, celebrity cats. First, there’s Grumpy Cat, a cat who achieved his fame due to his rather grumpy looks. Then there’s Lil Bub, a cat who gained fame due to feline dwarfism and having extra toes. There’s also Chase No Face, whose facial deformity may put one off at first, but you’ll soon get to know and love him. Other famous internet cats include Hamilton the Hipster, Maru, Colonel Meow and Keyboard Cat. With so many great and amazing celebrity cats, there’s always room for one more, and Netizens have decidedly taken a shine to the gentle giant, Omar.

Who is Omar?

If you don’t know who Omar is, then that’s ok, because he’s just recently been cast in the limelight. Omar is one gorgeous, charming and affectionate Maine Coon cat, who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. What makes Omar so special? He’s quite possibly one of the longest cats in the world at 3 feet, 11 inches. He’s a heavy weight too, tipping the scales at around 33 pounds. Stephanie Hirst always wanted a nice, big house cat. She got Omar in 2013. He was an adorable kitten, nothing about him gave Stephy the slightest hint that he’d grow up to be one of the longest and heaviest cats in the world. However, by the time Omar was 1 year of age, he rocked the scale at 22 pounds!

Today, Omar is almost four feet in length. According to Stephy, “All of our friends want to come over and see our cat.” In fact, it’s hard for people to believe that the photos are not Photoshopped. Guinness World Records organization actually reached out to Stephy after they heard the news reports, and asked her to take some measurements after photos of Omar emerged. Whether Omar dethrones the king of the worlds longest cats, Ludo, remains to be seen, but Stephanie doesn’t mind if he doesn’t, as loving Omar is more than enough for her.

In general, Omar is a very kind and gentle cat, content with his home life. In fact, he’s never made one attempt to leap the fence that surrounds their yard. Instead, preferring to stay close to his family. He also has been known to hide in the cupboard for a daytime nap or two. He’s a bit on the shy side also, so doesn’t seem too fond of large gatherings. When Stephy tied the knot with her longtime beau, Omar preferred to stay out of the crowd, opting instead, for a comfortable spot under the bed.

Omar’s Daily Routine

If you think a cat like Omar is treated in a rather princely manner, then you’d be right. His owners make certain that Omar is a happy and healthy cat, and that means giving him the proper care. In fact, Omar has developed his very own, daily routine.. Every morning, at around 5:00 am, Omar is given his favorite kibble, which is food made specifically for Maine Coon cats. He then spends his day lounging in the sun or hanging with his best bud, Stephanie and her sheltie dogs, Rafiki and Penny. He also has this thing about lying about on the family trampoline, so you can also expect to see him there.

On a good day, Omar indulges in one of his many pass times, such as pushing bottles and other items off of table tops, or if the mood strikes, reaching up to the counter to nab a tasty treat. He’s also developed some quite interesting, if irritating skills: Opening cupboards, shifting shower screens, and doors are also on his daily agenda, all facilitated by his great size and height. As Stephy states, “He just likes to be able to go wherever he pleases so he will do whatever he to find a way”.

His evening meal consists of raw kangaroo meat, snuggling with Stephanie, or taking cat naps on her boyfriend, Rowan, when the mood strikes. When it comes time for bed, Omar’s a bit too big to sleep with Stephanie and her boyfriend, so he gets the couch, where he dreams his big kitty dreams, and enjoys a peaceful slumber.

Where to Find Omar on Social Media

When owner Stephanie Hirst placed a photo of Omar on the social media page, Cats of Instagram, Omar quickly became an instant celebrity, a new star in the cat world. The hype around Omar grew so fast, that she decided to give him his very own Instagram account. When you visit Omar’s Instagram, you’ll be invited into his very own world. You’ll see him being doted on by his humans, and even learn that one of his favorite spots is under the air conditioner. Many of Omar’s photos include his newest friend, calico cat Ru. Ru is an adorable calico kitty, who is dwarfed by her giant buddy, Omar. So far, Omar has over 147,000 Instagram followers, all enjoying the plethora of photos Stephanie uploads on a regular basis. Omar also has his own Facebook page where you can check up on what he’s currently up to.

Omar is a Maine Coon Cat

Omar is not alone when it comes to size, appearance and personality. In actuality, Maine Coon cats are known as the largest breed of domestic cat in the world, with the males growing larger than the females. On average a male Coon cat can reach 25 pounds and stand up to 16 inches, and up to 40 inches long. A female Coon, on the other hand, weighs up to 15 pounds, stands up to 14 inches high, and can also reach a length of around 40 inches. Maine Coon’s originated in America, with their history going all the way back to its Colonial period. Their origin is fuzzy, with no one really knowing where or when they truly emerged. Known as the second most popular cat breed in America, they come with a heavy, thick coat and are known to be extremely hardy animals. If you’d like to learn more about the Main Coon Cat, then visit one of the many sites  that are devoted to the breed, where you’ll find stats, as well as rescue organizations. As always, please choose to adopt a Maine Coon cat from a rescue shelter first.

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