10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chinese Li Hua AKA Dragon Li

When choosing a cat to welcome into your family, it is vital to consider each breed’s different physical characteristics and personality traits, and these vary from one breed to the next. Not all breeds will suit your tastes and lifestyle, so it is a big decision that you should consider carefully. One cat breed that you may not have considered is the Li Hua. To help you decide if this is the best cat breed for you, here are 10 facts you might not know about the Chinese Li Hua cat breed.

1. They Are an Ancient Chinese Cat Breed

The Chinese Li Hua cat is a natural breed, which means there has been no crossbreeding. It is one of the earliest cat breeds as it dates back centuries, and it originates from China. The breed’s full name is Li Hua Mao, which translates as a fox flower cat. The name refers to both the wild appearance of the cat and the flower-like pattern of its coat. According to Pretty Litter, it is also known by several other names, including the Li Hua breed and Dragon Li.

2. The Li Hua Became a Standardized Breed in 2004

Although it is an ancient breed, the Li Hua was not officially recognized as a standardized breed until 2004. They made their debut as a standardized breed in the Cat Aficionado Association event that was held in Beijing, China. Two of the guest judges at the event were Barb Belanger and Dolores Kennedy from the American Cat Fanciers Association. It was not until 2010 that the Li Hua was accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association, a US-based international organization, and the breed became part of the miscellaneous class.

3. It is Very Rare in the United States

This Chinese cat breed is scarce in the United States, although it is growing in popularity. In 2017, there were just four cats of this breed registered in the United States. The numbers are increasing as more people are becoming aware of the breed, and there are now breeding programs underway in the United States to increase numbers. It is partly due to the rarity of the breed that the Li Hua is now of interest to cat fanciers internationally.

4. The Chinese Li Hua Has Distinctive Markings

The Chinese Li Hua cat is a short-haired cat breed with a thick coat. The hairs are black at the root and brown at the tip, giving their coat a tickled or mousey appearance in a unique golden brown. Their fur is described as broken mackerel, which is also called striped tabby. They have distinctive markings on their coat, including black rings around their tail and coat and tipped ears. Li Hua cats most commonly have green eyes. However, there are also some with yellow or brown eyes. The stature of a Li Hua is strong and sturdy.

5. They Can Weigh Up to 12 Pounds

According to Pet on Bed, the Li Hua measures between 10 and 14-inches in length, and they usually weigh between eight and 12 pounds. However, gender, diet, and exercise will all impact on the weight of a Li Hua. Like any pet, it is important to feed your Li Hua a healthy and balanced diet and make sure they get enough exercise to avoid obesity and the health conditions associated with obesity.

6. Chinese Li Hua Cats Are a Good Option for Families

If you have children, then it is essential to think carefully about introducing a pet into your household. You should only have pets that are happy to spend time with children and are not known to have an aggressive streak. Therefore, they are a good breed of cats for families. Furthermore, most Li Hua cats will happily get along with other cats and even dogs, so they are a great option for households with multiple pets. It is the personality traits of the Li Hua cat that means they can live with children and other pets. They are known for being an intelligent and mild-mannered cat breed that is loyal and playful.

7. They Are Good Hunters

One of the talents of the Li Hua cat breed is that they are excellent hunters. On the plus side, they are a great pet for farms, and they can keep your home vermin-free. On the other hand, if you let your cat outside, you might find that they bring you presents home from their hunting sessions.

8. Chinese Li Hua Cats Need a Lot of Attention

An important thing to note if you are thinking of getting a Li Hua cat is that they are a playful breed that needs a lot of attention from their humans. If you do not have the time or energy to spend with your Li Hua keeping them entertained, then it is not the breed for you.

9. There is a Book and Television Series Based on This Cat Breed

The Li Hua cat breed also has a place in popular culture as the breed is central to a Chinese literary legend and was used as the inspiration for a Chinese television show. In the legend ‘The Cat for Crown Prince Conspiracy,’ the Li Hua cat is one of the central themes. The story was used as the basis for the third episode of ‘Justice Pao,’ a Hong Kong television series.

10. There is a Famous Li Hua Cat Called Needy

Although they are a rare breed, there is a Li Hua cat called Needy that has become famous. His owner, Da Han, presented Needy at a CAA event in 2005. Needy won first place in his class and became the CAA champion, says Wikipedia. The male Li Hua then attracted attention from the press when his owner arranged a breeding partner, and a mock-up marriage took place in a fake traditional Chinese wedding in front of the press.

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