10 Things You Didn’t Know About the York Chocolate Cat

Perhaps no other cat has a cooler name out there than the York Chocolate cat. This breed of cats is named after the great state of New York and also because of its rich chocolate-like coat color. The brown-black coats of York Chocolates are quite unique. Black cats are pretty common creatures as well as varieties of brown-coated felines. When you spot a York Chocolate, you’d know right away that it’s of a different breed. If you’re interested about getting a York Chocolate cat, here are 10 things that you should know first.

1. York Chocolate is a modern breed

Cats are fairly ancient animals, and their domestication happened a long time ago—although we’re not entirely certain when. Over the centuries, cat breeds have come and gone. The York Chocolate cat breed was started in 1983, which is just about 37 years ago today. That’s not that long ago in terms of thousands of years. A black and white spotted cat that mated with a cat with Siamese blood produced the firsts of the breed. Further mating allowed the breeder, Janet Chiefari, to purify the bloodline and produce the York Chocolate we know today.

2. They are playful

While kittens are generally playful, adult cats tend to lose their playfulness after a couple of years. Adult cats can be described as more reserved than anything. However, York Chocolate cats remain to be energetic and extremely playful even as they mature. In fact, they might act more like dogs in this respect in the way that they’ll follow their owner around all day for attention. York Chocolate cats need owners that can provide more attention than average.

3. They are large

York Chocolate cats are large felines. They typically have a strong muscular build—very much similar to what a farm cat would look like, but the comparisons end there. These cat bodies are also usually lengthy with shorter necks. Male York Chocolates are also generally larger than females. They have rounded muzzles and wedge-shaped heads.

4. They have great coats

The York Chocolate’s coat is what sets it apart from other cats. Most of the time, their coats are medium to long. They have a glossy appearance when properly cared for, and they feel silky smooth to the touch. York Chocolate cats have short belly hairs, facial hairs, and leg hairs. One other adorable description of the York Chocolate is its tufted ears and toes. They also often have fluffy long tails, and there’s nothing else cuter. These cats only require minimal grooming because their coats are self-cleaning. They also don’t shed much, so you don’t have to worry so much about cat fur being everywhere.

5. They are good hunters

Almost all cats should have this skill because hunting is a natural instinct for them. But there are domestic cats that don’t really hunt well. If you happen to have a rodent issue, having a York Chocolate cat will help quite a bit. Of course, the hunting skills of a York Chocolate can also come in handy during playtime. You can get creative with hide and seek or puzzle toys with your York Chocolate cat. Hiding and hunting can be a fun interaction between you and your pet.

6. They are very friendly

Having multiple pets is often a difficulty for many cat parents. Cats tend to be extremely jealous creatures and prefer they humans all to themselves. It’s a good thing that York Chocolate cats are actually some of the friendliest cat breeds around. They can be compatible with any other pets you might have, and they also happen to be great pets for young children. It may take a few days to get your cat acquainted with another pet, but they almost always warm up to the idea of sharing eventually.

7. They have an average lifespan

York Chocolate cats have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. General breeds will live anywhere from 12 to 16 years, but we’ve seen some cats live longer. The key to a cat’s longer life is a solid and healthy lifestyle full of exercise, proper nutrition, and good mental conditioning. Pets are part of the family, and we all wish our pets could live as long as we can.

8. They need exercise

As mentioned before, York Chocolate cats need exercise in order to stay healthy. More importantly, you need to provide them with exercise for your own sanity. These cats are extremely active, and they need a way to expend their excess energy. A great way for York Chocolate cats to get exercise is on a cat tree. Your cat will spend hours upon hours on a cat tree, and it’ll give you a peace of mind knowing you are helping your cat stay healthy and also helping your own brain relax.

9. They like to talk

There are two types of cats out there—those that communicate and those that don’t. Most cats fall into the first category, but there are cats that just talk a lot. York Chocolate cats are pure talkers. They like to purr; they like to meow. They also like to trill. If you pay attention closely enough, you might even be able to discern exactly what they are trying to tell you.

10. They have amazing eyes

The physical features that stand out the most on York Chocolate cats are the eyes. York Chocolate cats have almond-shaped eyes that may come in a variety of colors: green, golden, or hazel. Cat eyes are already mesmerizing to begin with. Seeing the bright eyes of York Chocolate cats against the color of their coat is simply entrancing. It’s enough to make you want to cuddle with your pet even more. And that’s a good thing too because they like to snuggle up more than anything.

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