10 of the Quietest Cat Breeds


Cats make wonderful pets because they are loving, affectionate and very sweet. They’re cute and they’re cuddly, and they’re more self-sufficient than dogs. In fact, more people in the United States own cats than dogs, but not by too many. Cats make great pets because they are there for you at the end of the day, but you don’t have to rush home for them because they need to be taken out and walked. They can use the litter box, entertain themselves and they actually enjoy some time on their own. For that reason, many families choose cats over dogs. And if you’re in the market for a cat, you might want one that’s quiet. If that’s the case, we have a list of the quietest cat breeds around.

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Abyssinian kitten


This particularly lovely cat is one that has a very unique look, and a very quiet personality. You can’t help but love the fact that this is a breed that would much rather show its affection for you in other ways than with its vocals, and many people appreciate that. What is more is that this is a breed that also has a very unique look, so it’s kind of more exciting than other breeds for just that reason.

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american shorthair

American Shorthair

One of the most common breeds around, this is not an overly talkative breed. That’s not to say that it won’t sit down and purr when it’s being loved and when it’s happy, but it’s certainly not going to wake you in the night with excitement because it’s so loud. This is a quiet breed that’s likely going to disappear when you have more than just a few people in the house, and it’s not going to bother you as a whole.

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Large and in charge, this is the kind of breed you might expect to be quite loud. It’s a big cat with a big look, but it’s a very quiet breed. It’s not silent, of course, but it’s a cat of very few words. It does purr heavily when it’s happy, but it’s not overbearing. The cat does love affection, but it prefers to show its affection in other manners. It’s not going to be the type of cat that makes you insanely crazy with its noise and affections.

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british shorthair

British Shorthair

One of the oldest cats in English history is the British shorthair. This breed is one that is very lovely, and very friendly. It’s a highly affectionate cat that shows a lot of love to people in its family, but it might be a bit standoffish to strangers. It’s common, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, it’s also the kind of cat that does spend a great deal of time loving on its owners in a very quiet manner. Aloof is how it comes across, but that’s just not how it is.

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cornish rex

Cornish Rex

One of the most interesting looking cats in the world; it’s not a very loud one. It does show a great deal of affection, but this is a cat that would rather get up close and personal with you than sit down and carry on a conversation. Its quiet nature and sweet personality make it one of the most desirable breeds around, even though it does slightly resemble an alien with its big ears and long, thin face. It’s beyond cute, but it’s certainly interesting.

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norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

With a big ruff, this is a cat that’s similar from afar to a Maine Coon, but it’s not going to be nearly as vocal as the Maine Coon. The Norwegian forest cat is one that has a big personality, but a quiet voice. It’s not loud and intrusive, invasive or annoying. It is affectionate, and it will sit in your lap like that’s where it was born to get comfortable, but it’s not going to overwhelm you or make you feel as if you are annoyed by its love and affection.

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persian cat


Beautiful and highly popular, the Persian is one of the most well-known breeds in the world. It’s a downright gorgeous animal that many people would love to have, and it’s quiet. It’s just another reason why this cat is so loved by homeowners with pets. It is an affectionate cat that knows it is pretty, but it doesn’t show off in a pretentiously talkative manner. It’s quiet and fun and it’s going to make sure you know it loves you without annoying you.

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This is a breed that’s very quiet, and very adorable. Known for its exceptionally adorable features, this cat is one that you will not even know is there unless it wants you to know. And even then it’s not a loud cat. Affectionate, yes; loud, no. It is a sweet cat, and it’s the type of breed that wants to curl up with you and show you how much it loves you by sitting on your lap, pawing at your legs and curling up as close to you as possible when you’re in bed.

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russian blue

Russian Blue

Absolutely regal thanks to its coloring, this cat looks like royalty. It is beautifully colored and has wonderful posture. This is a breed that will have you feeling that you are in the presence of greatness even when you’re just hanging out with your cat. The best news is that it’s very quiet. Some cats are loud and obnoxious at times purring and making noise when hungry or annoyed, but the Russian blue is not one of them.

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scottish fold

Scottish Fold

One of the most adorable cats in the world, this little kitty has folded ears. It’s been around for many years, but it’s become exceedingly popular in the last few years since singing superstar Taylor Swift got one – and then two – of her own and began sharing their photos all over the internet. They’re so cute that even people who aren’t into cats love this breed. And they’re quiet, so you get the best of both worlds when you choose to bring one home.

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