Crew “Catches” Cat Stuck in Open Ocean during Fishing Trip

Once you come face to face with death, you get a new lease of life as you start to see everything in a whole new light. Some will start living carefree lives reasoning they only have one life to live, especially if they were too guarded before the accident. On the other hand, others will become more careful, making the best of each day. Animals do not have the luxury of thinking about the future, but they are still traumatized when their lives are threatened. One example was when a crew “caught” a cat stuck in the open ocean during a fishing trip. The feline showed signs of distress, realizing that one of many lives had been used, and maybe it was time to change his ways for the better. Let’s tell you more about how it happened and what you can do if your cat ever has a near-drowning experience.

Lucky to be saved, twice

One feral cat probably imagined how many fishes would fit in his tummy as he looked into the ocean. Unfortunately, he must have gotten so carried away by the daydream that he failed to notice a tide that swept him into the ocean. He clung on to hope until one fishing crew from Still Flying Charter went on a trip to the Gulf of Mexico and saw what looked like a sea turtle. Instinct told them to take a closer look upon which they discovered the scared kitten struggling not to drown; hence they turned their boat around to rescue the feline.

The compassionate crew ensured the cold kitten felt warm by wrapping him in a towel, and having the children hold him. Since by the physical appearance, they realized it must have been a feral, one of the crew members was ready to provide a forever home for the kitty. However, the cat was picky and refused to go home with that crew member. Luckily, another couple, Steve Crews and his wife, were ready to take in the feral whose sex is yet to be determined.

The kitten is still wary about who to trust because it is not used to being around humans. However, it is doing much better since it readily accepts the food and water the couple provides. According to Technology Inquirer, the couple has not decided which name suits the feline best; while Steve prefers ‘Sharkbite,” his wife thinks “Lucky” is more appropriate. We can agree that “Lucky” has a good ring to it since the cat has been saved twice, first from drowning, and second from living in the wild.

Other animals that came close to drowning

In 2016, The Dodo published the story of a cat that was almost attacked by seagulls, but an ocean garbage collection crew saved him. However, the cat was still afraid that the humans did not have his best interest at heart; therefore, even when one crew member hang overboard holding a large net to catch the cat, the kitty still preferred to take his chances with the seagulls. However, the crew did not give up on the already seemingly tired cat that was a mile from the shore. Consequently, they employed a conveyor belt they used to collect floating garbage from the water and directed the boat towards the cat. The cat took that as a cue to swim towards the boat allowing the crew to rescue and later drop her off at an Istanbul port.

In another case, Luna, a one-year-old German shepherd, was having the time of her life in San Clemente, having accompanied her owner, Nick, on a commercial fishing trip. Luna got too excited and fell overboard about two miles from the shore, leaving Nick to report the incident and have a search party scour the waters for two days without any sight of Luna. Nick, however, thought that since Luna was a good swimmer, she probably swam to safety on dry land, but later, he gave up hope of ever finding his furry friend assuming that she probably drowned. However, after five weeks, she was spotted by the roadside, wagging her tail, and apart from a missing dog tag and a few lost pounds, she was okay.

What to do if your cat has a near-drowning experience

According to Pet Place, drowning is a silent death that has resulted in more than 5,000 pets dying every year, from swimming pool accidents. However, such incidents can be prevented if we are on the lookout; since every second counts, being attentive whenever our pets hang around water could determine how long the pets get to be our companions.

Most pets drown because they are too young or too old to swim, are tired of being in the water, are sick, or have been left unattended. If your cat remains in the water for too long and you observe dilated pupils, unregulated body temperature, is in shock or seems extremely anxious, he nearly drowned. Still, even if you get the kitty to safety and it seems to be behaving normally, you can ensure there is no underlying adverse effect of being underwater for too long by having a veterinarian check him.

Chest x-rays reveal signs of pulmonary edemas, which can take up to two days to develop, so be patient and have the vet observe the cat for a few days. If the lungs also show infection may be because the cat was in contaminated water, then a sample will be needed of the fluid to prescribe the right antibiotics. If the cat was in freshwater, a urine test would check for hemoglobin in the urine, which can signify that the red blood cells were damaged. A near-drowning incident also usually means that the cat barely had enough oxygen; therefore, the vet will examine if internal organs suffered damage due to oxygen deprivation or if your cat requires more oxygen.

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