Dog Helps Rescue Cat Stuck in 107 Degree Weather

Dogs have long been associated with heroism. After all, all you have to do is go back and look at old television shows like Rin Tin Tin or Lassie in order to see the fascination with dogs saving people and animals of all kinds, through all different types of situations. As it turns out, not all of that is Hollywood magic. Some of it actually happens in the real world. It’s good to know that during times when it seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to find someone that genuinely cares, dogs still show us that it’s possible to not only care, but to act when it counts the most.

The Day Koda the Dog Met a Cat in Need

If you don’t believe that dogs can be smart and compassionate, think about this story. There is a cat rescue called Fearless Kitty animal rescue in Arizona. Recently, a woman was walking her dog, a husky named Koda, in that area when the dogs started to alert on something. On his own accord, Kota walked over to Avenged located outside the animal rescue and began pawing at a cooler that had been zipped up and then placed in a plastic trash bag. According to Koda’s owner, he was very agitated and was clearly trying to get inside the cooler. His owner believed that it was some type of food that had been left in the cooler that he was trying to get out. However, after he continued to display how upset he was, running to the cooler and then back to his owner, the decision was made to gently open the cooler and see what was inside. Imagine everyone’s surprise when a little black cat popped his head out of the zipper as soon as there was enough room. That’s right, someone had taken a living cat, zipped it up inside a cooler, placed a cooler in a trash bag, and set the entire thing on the bench outside the cat rescue. All that person had to do was meet with someone at the cat rescue in order to have it taken in, yet they jeopardized the cat’s life by doing what they did. It was Kota the dog that saved the cat. People at the cat rescue are positive that if it hadn’t been for him, they never would have found the cat in time.

A Special Soul

You might think it a bit odd that a dog saved the cat’s life, but that is exactly how this happened. According to Koda’s owner, this behavior isn’t entirely out of the ordinary for him. She describes him as a special soul that has always had a desire to help everyone he comes into contact with, and the cat was no different. It seems that Koda saw another soul in need and was determined to help, no matter what he had to do in order to get the attention of people that could unzip the cooler and help the cat. While people typically associate dogs and cats as two creatures that don’t get along all that well, that is obviously not always the case. In fact, go to has proven that it’s possible for cats and dogs to get along, and even that they can count on each other when the chips are down.

Dogs Save Other Animals Every Day

This is certainly not the first time that a story about a dog saving the cats has taken the world by storm. In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that another dog, this time in Florida, saved a small cat from a coyote that was about to kill it. This one actually showed up on YouTube oh, and the video is nothing short of astounding. It involves seeing this poor cat as it’s about to be dinner for the coyote, right up until the dog comes out of nowhere. The dog doesn’t seem to display a great deal of fear towards the coyote. What he does display is determination to protect the cats at all costs. He won’t let the coyote get anywhere near it. As such, the coyote eventually gives up and decides that the meal isn’t worth the effort. The dog then ensures that the cat is okay and even helps remove it from the area so that the coyote won’t come back for a second round.

It’s in Their Nature

The saying about dogs protecting other animals is that it’s in their nature. Dogs are naturally very protective creatures. This is especially true when they have bonded with someone, but as these stories prove, they don’t have to have a particular bond with another person or even another animal in order to feel a sense of protectiveness toward them. It seems the dogs naturally want to protect others from harm. They have a way of sensing whenever something that could potentially be harmful is near. When they feel that way, they automatically start looking for someone to protect, all while simultaneously looking for the threat in question. Even the gentlest, sweetest dog can become extremely protective under the right circumstances, as indicated by these stories.

It’s no wonder that dogs like Koda have very proud owners. After all, how could you not be proud of your dog after it saves another life? The fact that the human beings involved didn’t immediately understand the levity of what was going on only goes to show that dogs do indeed understand the world better than we do sometimes. For Koda, there was never any doubt that something was wrong or that someone needed to intervene. It was because of his actions that the human being you’ve got involved and found the cat in the first place. Had he simply walked by the cooler, it’s very likely that the cat would not have been saved. For that, Koda can be considered a bona fide hero.

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