Pet Cat Missing For 10 Years is Reunited With Owner


Imagine the sheer heartbreak that comes with having a beloved pet who goes missing, especially when you are unable to find them no matter what you do. That is precisely the situation that Neil and Lucy Henderson were in more than 10 years ago when their cat, Forbes, disappeared in Aberdeen, Scotland.

A Dramatic Search

The cat was only two years old when he went missing in 2011. At the time, the couple was living in the Rosemount area of Aberdeen. When Forbes first went missing, the couple says that they were extremely distraught because they had gotten him when he was just a kitten. They said that he always had a tendency to be very outgoing with people, regardless of whether he was familiar with them or not. As a result, the couple thought that he might have gotten into a neighbor’s garage and accidentally been locked inside. As such, they went door-to-door and asked their neighbors to actively check their property, including sheds, in hopes of finding their beloved cat. They also put posters up all over the neighborhood and whenever possible, they actively searched for him. Despite all of this, they were unable to find him. They had continued their search for almost an entire year when they were finally forced to come to the understanding that they may never see Forbes again. They never gave up hope that somehow they would eventually be reunited with him. However, they did eventually stop actively searching for him, as they felt that they had done all they could do. Unfortunately, during all that time, no one reported seeing him. It was almost as if he just disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

The Return of Forbes

Ten years later, an animal control officer was called to a location just two miles from where Forbes had originally gone missing. He was called for the report of a cat that was very skinny, roaming around the neighborhood alone. When the animal control officer approached Forbes, the cat was extremely friendly. In fact, he couldn’t wait to be held. The officer took the cat back and had him scanned for a microchip. Finding one, they called the number associated with the microchip and got through to Forbes’ original owners right away. By all accounts, they were shocked to learn that he had gone missing a full 10 years before. The couple, now living in Edinburgh, made the trip to Aberdeen to pick Forbes up that same day. In fact, they were both completely overjoyed at the news that Forbes was not only alive, but that they had the opportunity to be reunited with the cat that they thought was lost forever. They couldn’t wait to see him. They were so surprised that they even had to take a moment to themselves in order to absorb the news and realize that what they were hearing was indeed true. It wasn’t just a dream that they would wake up from and realize that they would have to go through another day without Forbes. They were about to be reunited and they couldn’t wait for that reunion to happen.

A New Life With Forbes

Today, the couple that lost Forbes all those years ago is living a very different life than they were 10 years ago. In addition to moving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, they now have two other cats and two dogs. That can be a lot to introduce a new cat to, especially when he has been out wandering the streets for an undetermined amount of time. As such, they are taking things slow with Forbes so that he can be introduced to their other animals without feeling stressed. The last thing they want to do is cause him any undo stress that might cause him to go missing again. For now, they are extremely happy to have him back and they just want to do what is best for him. They have every confidence that in time, he will become just as much a part of their family as their other pets are, and just as he was before he went missing.

Happy To Be Back Together

The couple also reports that Forbes seems to be as happy to be back with them as they are to have him back. In fact, he couldn’t wait to cuddle both of them when they were first reunited, giving them hope that he remembers them as fondly as they remembered him throughout the many years that he was lost. By all accounts, it looks like Forbes and his family are well on their way to the happy ending that so many people dream of, yet very few ever get the opportunity to actually experience. The couple are well aware of the fact that getting an animal that has gone missing for 10 years back is something that almost never happens. As much as they love Forbes, they had basically given up all hope of ever seeing him alive again. That certainly didn’t mean that they didn’t think of him on a daily basis, but only that they felt that they had exhausted every avenue when it came to searching for him.

As a result, they were forced to move on with their lives, keeping Forbes safely tucked away in their hearts. Having the opportunity to be reunited with him and enjoy building a life with him is something that they never thought they would get. More importantly, it’s a chance that they don’t want to take for granted. As a result, they can’t wait to spend as much time as possible with Forbes and let him know how much he is loved. They want him to understand that he was missed during those ten years and that he is a very special cat, indeed. As far as Forbes himself is concerned, he seems to continue to be the happy-go-lucky cat that he always was, always wanting to cuddle and spend time with those closest to him. His owners say that he’s always been special and fortunately, that didn’t change during the time that he was missing.

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