Sweden’s First Cat Psychologist Helps Create The Perfect Cat Home

If you have a cat, then providing them with some form of entertainment is important to prevent boredom, anxiety, and stress. This is particularly essential if you keep your cat indoors and they do not have the opportunity to explore the area surrounding your home. Preferably, the forms of entertainment you provide should allow them to fulfill their natural instincts and behaviors. Recently, a Swedish cat psychologist has designed the perfect cat home that gives a cat a place to sleep and play that also looks stylish in your home. According to Yanko Design, a company called 24 Storage is producing a product called the Cat Flat. This is a modern piece of furniture that looks smart in any home, and it has an interior designed specifically for cats.

Susanne Hellman Holmstrom, Sweden’s first cat psychologist, played a key role in the design of this product, as the designers worked on her advice. She made sure that the product met the basic essential for a cat, along with 10 necessities that are important for the physical and emotional health of felines. Some of the needs outlined by Holmstrom include playing, being social, cleaning, scratching, and discovering. Thanks to the advice from Holmstrom, the Cat Flat takes care of all these needs. It is a hybrid of a jungle gym and a home for cats that spend the majority of their time indoors. To design this amazing cat house, Holmstrom worked alongside Eleonor Moschevitz, an interior designer for 24 Storage. Moschevitz used the advice from Holmstrom to then work on the more intricate design details of the Cat Flat. This involved considering both the aesthetics of the product and its functionality.

From the exterior of the Cat Flat, it is difficult to differentiate this product from any other stylish piece of furniture. There are no indications that its purpose is for the use of cats. Made from organic walnut veneer, this item looks just like any other wooden storage cabinet. Therefore, it is not an eyesore in your home like some pet products. The exterior is stunning with vertical slats at different angles in two shades of wood. Once you open the doors of the cabinet, its purpose becomes more apparent. The cabinet is divided into three levels, with each level offering something different for your cat. There are several sleeping options and various features that will keep your cat entertained. The lower level of the cabinet is predominantly a play area. There are three posts in this section. One is a scratching post that stretches from the top to the bottom of the lower level. The other two posts have spinning features with different textures that the cats can play with or scratch.

There is also a fold-out sleeping box on the lower level that extends from the cabinet when the doors are open. This provides a compact space for your cat to hide or enjoy a nap. There are openings on both ends of the sleeping box, which means it is easily accessible for your cat. Finally, the lower layer also has a box with an upper opening that connects the lower and middle layers via a curved tunnel. A tunnel leads to the central section of the Cat Flat. On the second layer of the cabinet, there is an angled ledge with a textured surface. This is perfect for both scratching and stretching. In the ledge, there are two circular holes that lead to a section with a rug. This is another sleeping or hiding option for your cat. The cat can also access this section by jumping from the floor into the middle of the cabinet. A semi-circular hammock-style ledge is the final feature of the central section.

The upper section of the cabinet is predominantly a large sleeping space, and this is accessed from the middle level via a circular hole. Although the floor space of this level is predominantly uninterrupted to allow room for play or sleep, there is one angled wall that is textured for scratching. Attached to this textured surface is a digital screen that features images aimed to engage cats and encourage interactions, such as fish swimming in a tank. Another feature of the upper section is a circular hole that leads through to the top surface of the cabinet so that your cat can climb onto the top.

All three of the levels encourage the cats to climb as the levels are all interconnected. They also all have textured areas that encourage scratching. Cat scratching is normal feline behavior and one that you should not try to discourage as it is an important part of their grooming and claw care. By providing them with their own scratching areas, you are reducing the risk of them scratching your furniture says Purina.

Providing cats with so many options for sleeping and hiding is also fantastic, as cats usually prefer to have somewhere private to relax. This is particularly important for cats that have a timid nature and need their own personal space. A fantastic feature of the cabinet is that the doors are slatted, which provides all areas of the cabinet with ventilation when the doors are closed. This gives you the option of leaving the doors closed while your cat plays inside, leaving the cabinet simply looking like a stylish piece of furniture. Alternatively, you can open the doors so that you can watch your cat having fun.

Although many of the features of the Cat Flat are common features found on cat toys and scratching posts, it is unusual to find a product that combines so many different elements together. This product is also unique because it looks so stylish in your home. It is a fantastic option for cat lovers who want to keep their feline friends entertained without compromising on the aesthetics of the interior design of their home.

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