What Should You Expect with the Calico Maine Coon?

Calico Maine Coon

Maine Coons are beautiful cats and they come in a wide range of colors but one of the most common is the Calico Maine Coon.  These animals have a pattern that contains many different colors which gives them there Calico name. As a native New England cat breed, these animals are very hardy.  Once used as a working cat to control the rodent population around homes and farms, the Maine Coon earned their keep. It is rumored that these cats were also used as mousers aboard ships during the 19th century. Now celebrated as a loyal companion and housecat, these cats do well as family pets.

When I Get My Calico Maine Coon Home, What should I Expect?

After you have visited the breeder and picked out the perfect Calico Maine Coon kitten, what should you expect?  Just like all Main Coons, the Calicos are very playful animals. While the Maine Coon loves attention they won’t knock you down when you come through the door.  They seem to be fine by waiting until you are ready to give them affection.

If you are looking for a cat that is great with kids, this is the one.  Maine Coons are known for their high tolerance to stress and they also do well around other pets including dogs. But if you have a pet mouse or rat make sure to keep this cat far away from them.   Still great mousers, no rodent is safe around this cat breed.

What about Care?

You would think that the Calico Maine Coon would be hard to groom because of its long hair.  But this cat breed has silk-like fur that is very easy to keep smooth. In fact, a weekly brushing is all you need to keep these cats free from matting. Dental care is more of a concern with the Calico Maine Coon because they can be predisposed to periodontal disease.  You should brush their teeth daily in order to keep them from getting the disease or at least several times a week.

So are you the right fit for a Calico Maine Coon?

Maine Coons are generally self-sufficient animals.  If you have time to give them a little attention and affection, these cats will thrive.   So if you are a busy professional, this just might be the perfect cat for you. Just remember to give them proper dental care and brush them once a week.  There is nothing more fulfilling than coming home to a beautiful Calico Maine Coon that will love you unconditionally.

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