Ten of The Most Travel Friendly Cat Breeds


It’s not the easiest thing to travel with cats.   That’s why we wrote an article on it.   There’s a lot of preparation involved as well as things you really need to know as you’re on the road.   For example. what do you do at a rest stop?  How do you handle a cat that’s super anxious?  Too many variables involved.  Another variable?  The type of cat you take on your trip.  If you’re going on a road trip or on a plane with a cat it might help to have a certain type of breed.  If you have any great cat traveling stories be sure to submit them to us!  In the meantime,  here are 10 travel friendly cat breeds.

Chartreux Cat

Chartreux – This cat is widely known as a “gentle giant” and is a great travel companion.   This cat gets along well with children and other pets in case they’re along for the ride too.


Maine Coon – this is known as one of the biggest domestic cats out there.  The maine coon has similar qualities to a dog.  They are loyal as well as obedient which bodes well on the road.


Tiffany – The Tiffany is known to be a calm and easy natured cat which really helped when you are transporting them in crates, carriers or even letting them roam freely in your car.   They’re also super low maintenance.

Bobtail Japonais de profil - japanese bobtail

Japanese Bobtail – What makes the Japanese Bobtail a great travel companion is its ability to adapt to new surroundings.   It’s also one of the healthier cat breeds so bringing them into new environments isn’t as big a deal.


Manx – Many Manx owners say their Manx are sensitive to be slighted or ignored by the focus of their affection. They will head but you with their silly round heads when they feel they are being ignored.  So make sure you pay attention and they’ll be fine.


Pixie Bob – A Pixie Bob develops strong bonds with their owners so once that bond is developed they are highly adaptable.   You can also train them to walk on a leash which is very helpful while traveling.


Scottish Fold – The sweet-tempered and affectionate Scottish Fold is level-headed and adapts to new situations easily, making it an ideal travel companion


Persian – Persians tend to be a low energy cat. They also tend to have a single focus of their attention.  The only negative is that they require a lot of grooming which can be messy in a car.

abyssinian-kitten-jacana (Small)

Abyssinian – Abyssinian cats are some of the friendliest cats you can find.  They get along with any person or animal.


Sphynx – Everyone is always surprised to find out that the Sphynx is one of the most well tempered and mannered cats out there.  They may look a little strange but they’re one of the most popular cat breeds out there.

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