Five Of The Cutest Main Coon Videos Of 2017

Maine Coons are one of the most interesting breeds of cats of all the breeds, and one of the most popular breeds around the world. The Main Coon is recognized as the oldest natural breed of cat. There is a myth that the breed developed from interbreeding a wild cat with a raccoon, but it is only a myth. Main Coons made their way to the U.S. by way of European ships headed for New England. Once they arrived in the U.S., Main was their home state from which they originated, and are still recognized as the State Cat, today. This is how the name Main was attached to the breed, while Coon is said to stem from Captain Charles Coon, an English seaman who always kept long-haired cats aboard his ships.

If you’re in the market for a new four-legged friend, you may want to consider the Main Coon for its many unique characteristics and fun loving disposition and cute, personality quirks. Keep reading to find out more facts about the Main Coon and see some of the cutest Main Coon videos of 2017.  These videos will show you why people easily fall in love with the breed.

Maine Coon Demands Bath

Main Coons are very social cats. They love people, children and other animals. They need socialization and to be played with, unlike may other breeds that tend to act skiddish around people, kids, and disapprove of other pets, loud noises or strangers. Main Coons are one of the easiest going breeds that will mold nicely into just about any type of household. Main Coons love to be talked to and they will talk back. If you’re used to hearing a sweet little meow come out of a kitty’s mouth, a Main Coon’s sounds might take you by surprise then. Main Coons do not meow, but rather “chirp” and “trill.” It’s unique and a pleasant sounding voice that they love to use to communicate with you.

Maine Coon Talking

If you’ve ever really looked at a Main Coon then you may have spotted a few differences in their coats compared to a typical breed. The Coons have tufts of hair where other cats do not. For one, the ears sprout tufts of fur that gives them a more pointy look and tufts of fur don each paw, sprouting out from the toes. These are unique to their breed for warmth and protection from cold temperatures. Maine Coons love the snow and and baths because their fur is water resistant and protects them from low temperatures. The extra tufts protect their ears from the cold wind and snow and do the same on their feet. This makes the Coons hearty enough to enjoy the out-of-doors playing and romping with the family, even on a winter’s day.

Maine Coon Loves Snow

Maine Coons are lovable furbabies from the start. Playful and energetic, Coons love attention from the entire family. While many breeds of cats attach themselves to one member of the family, Main Coons are “family cats”. They want to be with you, where you are, starting from the beginning of kitten-hood.

Maine Coon Babies

Main Coons will adjust to the family you already have in your home, including other pets. While many pets, cats and dogs alike, may have issues with newcomers, Main Coons will easily adapt to new pets introduced into the home as well as they will quickly meld in with your pets, if they are the newbie. Main Coons love to play with their furbaby brothers and sisters, which makes them one of the most easiest temperaments and personalities of any breed, to have among other pets.

Maine Coon Cat Loves Dog

No matter what you are looking for in a breed of cat, loving, playful, fun, beautiful, easy to maintain, live in a colder climate, have other pets or children, or want a cat you can take for a walk, you’ve got everything you want in a Main Coon. Read more about the breed and see if this isn’t the perfect breed for just about anyone.

The Main Coon has striking good looks and markings that make it stand out among other breeds. Main Coons are large cats and can grow to be the size of small dogs. They are on average, 18 lbs and 40 inches long. With big bones and a thick coat of long hair, Main Coons can hold their own around other pets. They often even take on the personality of dogs. They love to play and rough and tumble with their dog friends and cats and even take walks on leashes like a dog. Many Main Coons learn to fetch and play games dogs love to play. When it comes time to groom your kitty, like a dog, most Main Coons bathe in the tub with no arguments. They actually like it and enjoy a good swim in the water. This is because their fur is water resistant and keeps them warm in cold water and outdoor temperatures.

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