The Top 20 Siamese Cat Videos of All-Time

There is something very special about Siamese cats, and if you don’t believe it, just as an owner. This breed has been around for centuries and they have a very distinct appearance that sets them apart from other cats. They are highly recognizable because of their unique triangular head shape and almond shaped eyes which are usually a bright blue color. The coloring and markings can range from an off white with darker accent fur on the legs, tail and face, to a reddish and tan, gray and black or a bluish color. Siamese cats are known for their big personalities which feature a range of attitudes from “I don’t care,” to “make me the center of your universe.” While each cat is an individual, there are some generalizations that can be made about them. The majority of these cats are highly vocal and extremely demanding, but in the same regard, they are also highly entertaining and fiercely loyal. Here are the top 20 videos to show you just what we are talking about. We hope that you learn something while you’re being entertained by them.

Buster the cat from hell

Buster has got to be one of the most well-loved, yet meanest Siamese cats on the planet. His pet dad is a professional photographer who has lost many of his work-related colleagues because they refuse to work in an environment where the cat rules the roost and consistently threatens to beat them up. Even his assistant of four years is about ready to quit. She shows us the scars that Buster has left over the years and the most current bite that is not a laughing matter. Nobody can touch Buster but his owner. In this video the day has arrived when the photog has called in the big guns. Has Buster finally met his match? The most endearing part of this video is the clip that shows this terror as a cute and adorable little kitten. It is no wonder that his master fell in love with him. We come to find out that a lack of toys and personal space may be the cause of Buster’s foul disposition. This video is a must watch because it gives some valuable insights into what Siamese cats need to be more well-rounded. It shows viewers what can happen when they don’t ensure that their cat is not properly trained or does not have the needed personal space and toys for entertainment.

Talkative yet stately Siamese

This is a sweet video that shows a beautiful Siamese cat who is carrying on a conversation with his owner. Although this guy usually saves the talking for bedtime when his owner is trying to get some sleep, he decides to give everyone a treat today and do a little talking for the camera. This is one gorgeous cat and you can tell by the way that he sits, then carries himself that he knows it. Vanity is just a part of being Siamese, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. When he tires of the conversation, he simply walks away without a word. We can tell he’s fickle, but that’s okay because it’s just what Siamese owners have to put up with now and then.

Jack the Siamese interview

Jack is a Siamese cat that has just came in from a big adventure in the great outdoors. His owner asks him a series of questions about his excursion. It appears that Jack has been out hunting Zombies, and he’s here to tell us all about it. He co-operates with the questions, carefully answering each of them and it looks like he’s putting some real thought into each of his responses. When it’s time to get back to work, Jack excuses himself and hits the road again to go on another quest.

Samuel has a real set of pipes

Samuel is a Siamese cat that has an unusually loud voice. He loves to talk over a good meal. This conversational cat is often referred to by his owners as “the Mule” because his vocalizations could put a braying mule to shame. When it’s time for dinner, he prefaces the meal by chewing on the bag of food. He’s a creature of habit and this is just a part of the ritual that he’s established for himself. His pet parents have found it necessary to hide the food in the nearby pantry, enclosed in a plastic tub that has a latch on it because Samuel is proficient at opening the container with his teeth. He’s not only crafty, he’s a smart cat as well.

The loudest Siamese cat in the world

How do you wake up the loudest Siamese cat in the world? This owner does it with a can of cat food as the rousing sound of the tin breaking its seal is enough to stir the slumbering beauty. Within seconds of popping the top, the cat, who is sleeping beneath the covers begins to wriggle around and move towards the can of delicious cat food. With an annoyed look on his face, this super loud cat gives the owner a piece of his mind for disturbing his nap. He grudgingly follows his master to the feeding station but there isn’t an ounce of gratitude shown. Maybe when he wakes up fully? Nah, this cat has a real attitude.

Cats protesting the shower

When these two Siamese cats discover that their pet mom is in the shower, they don’t like it one bit. The pair are extremely vocal and they appear to be discussing the situation between themselves. The first attempt to gain access to the shower isn’t a success and this launches another volley of complaining. After a little more discourse with one another, the two make another attempt to get to their owner. When she slides the shower door open, they plead with her to come out of there. When she declines, the rant continues. This hilarious video is a must see because it is so cute and funny.

Siamese watches television show

Nidnoi is a Siamese cat that was just caught watching television and listening to the Siamese Song on the popular children’s cartoon “Lady and the Tramp.” He just can’t seem to get enough of his distant relatives as they belt out this tune. You can tell that he’s really getting into the show because he doesn’t take his eyes off the cats as they leap around the screen in front of him. We hope that this cat doesn’t develop an addiction to television.

Most unusual looking Siamese cat in the world

This tiny little Siamese kitten has the most unusual markings that we’ve ever seen. To begin, his ears are huge and it makes him look a little bit like Dumbo the flying elephant, but this isn’t his finest characteristic. The dark markings that run down his nose are broad and make him look like a cross between a koala bear and a cat. He’s so cute, but also a bit on the bizarre side. This video is a must see because it is doubtful that there is another cat on the planet that looks like this one. If you only watch one video, we recommend that you make it this one.

Lexi and April have their good morning chat

April has a very special relationship with her seal point Siamese cat Lexi. Lexi sleeps in bed with her each night, and the two often wake with Lexi curled up near April’s head or resting on her hair. They start each day out the same way. They have a two-way conversation as if to greet each other good morning before they go their separate ways to take care of matters of personal hygiene. This is a special video that is very endearing. It shows what amazing pets Siamese cats can make for single people.

Siamese cat conversing with nature

This inquisitive Siamese really puts the phrase conversing with nature into action. She does her best to get close to a group of birds who are busy chattering. It’s doubtful that she’s planning to stalk them, it appears that she just wants to start a conversation because as she inches closer, she’s talking to them. This gal is either a very clever hunter or she has no interest in eating anything outside of her food dish in the house. Tiffany is a 14-month-old tabby seal point Siamese. This is an adorable video that we think you’ll enjoy watching.

Mitzy the Siamese wakes up talking

We had to include this adorable video of Mitzy the Siamese kitty. She likes to sleep bundled up in the covers, but when she wakes up, she’s ready to talk. The drowsy kitty is having a little trouble fully awakening, but she can’t resist the opportunity to talk with her pet mom who encourages her to go back to sleep or get out of bed.

Stomping Siamese

It’s highly doubtful that there is a funnier cat video than this out there. A cute Siamese kitten has found a treasure, but it seems to be a little heavy for her to carry. She begins to head up with stairs with her new-found toy but when she walks she makes a very loud stomping sound. Her legs are stiff and we imagine that it is due to the weight of the object that she is carrying in her mouth. Who would have thought that a kitten could make so much racket by just walking up the stairs?

No relaxation with a Siamese cat

This video gives us the perfect example of what happens when you try to relax with a Siamese cat. While it’s a lot of fun to carry on a two-way conversation with these chatty kitties, there are times when it’s just nice to recline in repose. When this guy decided that he felt lonely, instead of walking over to snuggle with his owner, he sat across the room and pleaded with her to make the trek over to give him some attention. His owner finally coaxes him over to where she is sitting, but we can tell by the switching of his tail that he considers the trip to be not only beneath him, but also an indignity. He shows his displeasure by throwing a little misbehavior into the mix for good measure. This is what happens when you’re not careful to make your Siamese the consistent center of attention.

Max gets a bath

Watch this video if you want to see how adorable and well-behaved Siamese cats can be. Max is a Siamese cat who isn’t smelling very good. He’s ignoring his owner and giving his buddy Maya a bath, but it’s his turn now. This smart pet mom wore bathing clothes specifically designed for the task in anticipation of getting wet herself. Max did a great job of sitting still even though it was obvious that he didn’t like it. He wasn’t vocal but he wasn’t happy. It isn’t until the end of the video that he began to struggle. He attempted to climb out of the tub by scaling the walls. At the end of the bathing, Max gets wrapped in a soft warm towel and promptly wraps his paws around his pet mom’s shoulders. The worst is over and it’s time for the part that he really loves and that is his brushing.

Boobers goes on the fight

Boobers is a gorgeous Siamese cat that has laid claim to the bathroom sink. His owner tries to persuade him to move so he can brush his teeth and Boobers puts up a big hairy fight. He lays in the sink on his back so he can bat his pet dad away with his paws. This crazy Siamese gets really ticked off and refuses to budge an inch. He throws the most adorable tantrum and it’s all that his owner can do not to laugh at the spectacle. This is a home that definitely needs to have two bathrooms. One for the cat and another for the people to uses. Once a Siamese stakes their claim on an area, it becomes their personal property and they’ll fight you for possession. That is, unless there is some other area that is more appealing to them.

It only takes one touch for Billie

Billie is an adorable Siamese/Ragdoll kitten and all it takes to make her purr is one simple touch from her owner. We couldn’t leave this one out because this friendly little girl is so cuddly and sweet that it is heartwarming. She has a lot of love to give and we see it in action here. When her owner ceases the petting, she does her best to be convincing that she needs more and more and more. Siamese are known to be insatiable in their quest for love and attention. Billie is so cute when she begs for attention that we just had to share this clip with you. Plus, she should win an award for having the loudest purr.

Funny Siamese calling his master

Sometimes a Siamese cat will sound like it is saying words. This is one of the qualities about this breed of cat that makes them almost human. Many Siamese are highly talkative creatures and when they really get wound up, you will swear that you hear them calling your name, or at a minimum calling you mom or dad. The thing about them is that they will position themselves a good distance from where you are standing or sitting, and expect you to drop what you’re doing and come running to be at their beck and call. This cat is one of the most vocal around. His name is Malik and when he talks to his master, it actually sounds like he’s calling his name. See if you can hear Malik repeating, “Omar, Omar.”

When the owner is away, the cats will play

Have you ever wondered what your cats do when you leave them alone in the house? This owner found out by setting up a video camera to catch them in the act. These cats had a surprise for her. She was only gone for fifteen minutes, and the pair kept a consistent vigil at the door waiting for her return. This is the kind of devotion that is common in Siamese cats, but they don’t want you to know it, so you’ll have to be sneaky and record them after you leave to find out how they really feel about you. While one maintains its vigil, the other searches the house, calling out for their beloved pet mom. It’s comical and also heartwarming to watch them pacing in front of the door in anticipation of their pet mom’s return. One thing is for certain, we are seeing the height of feline loyalty in this precious video clip.

Sweet Pea gets interviewed

Sweet Pea is one of those Siamese cats that loves to talk. Her owner just purchased a new video recorder and decided to interview her. This lovely little sweetheart is fast to respond to each question but she does tend to go on and ramble a bit. She is possible one of the most inquisitive kitties that we’ve seen. We can tell by the tone of her voice that she is sometimes answering questions, and at other times, she is the one that is asking them. There are times when she seems to be avoiding the question and switching to a new topic in this hilarious video that is a must see. Siamese are wonderful companions and if you don’t mind being in the company of a cat that chatters incessantly, this is the perfect choice. When you are the owner of a Siamese cat, you’ll never feel alone. It can be a downer when you’re trying to take a nap or go to bed for the night though.

When Ollie talks, people listen

Ollie is one of the cutest blue point Siamese kittens on the internet today. He has a very distinct voice that is loud and powerful, even though he’s of a slight build and isn’t very big himself His owner is telling him how beautiful he is and he can’t help but agree with her. This little guy is quite the conversationalist as he tells her all about what’s on his mind. The expression on his face as he speaks is so serious that we know he means every word that he’s saying, even if we can’t understand them. He is quite the character and he doesn’t mind sharing his opinion when asked to. Ollie is such a special little superstar that he has his own Facebook profile. We may be looking at the next kitty sensation on social media here.



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