20 Adorable Videos of Cats Drinking Milk

Cats are a very beloved pet to millions and millions of people all over the world. While they might be independent creatures that enjoy doing their own thing and sleeping all over the house in weird places, this sure doesn’t stop their owners from wanting to stop and take pictures and videos of them all the time. In fact, people have dedicated entire channels on YouTube and other video sharing sites to their cats and what they do on a daily basis. While you might think that this is surely something few people would want to subscribe to, you would be very wrong. There are dozens of channels of this nature that have quite a lot of followers, which implies that more and more people the world over want to see random videos about cats.

It is no big surprise that this generation living right now isn’t the first to revere cats and their particular style and attitude. The ancient Egyptians firmly believed that felines were holy creatures that should be revered and worshipped. While there might still be a handful of people that treat their pets like they belong on a golden pedestal, at least the majority of us have taken things down a few notches to the kind of relationships we currently have with companion animals. When it comes to filming every minute detail of their life, that might be another story entirely. It isn’t all bad though, and what has resulted from the phenomenon are some truly remarkable clips from pet owners. Even something as basic as a cat drinking milk has the potential for something worthwhile and entertaining, and with that being said, you can get a great look at cat videos on the internet with these 20 adorable videos of cats drinking milk.

Kittens Drinking Milk On The Street

This is a video that helps you to understand that not every cat is well cared for in the world. In fact, there are cats all over the country that do not end up in shelters and do not have a place to call home. With this clip, you can see a good Samaritan that lives nearby has learned of the existence of some homeless kittens and their mother currently living under concrete slabs. While this person is not able to fully care for the animals by bringing them inside the place he lives, he is going out daily to ensure that every one of the kittens (along with the mother) all have something wholesome to fill their bellies. Not to mention the kittens sharing a bowl of fresh milk is just too cute not to watch in its entirety. 


Cat and Rat Drinking Milk Together  

You would think that a cat and a rat would want nothing to do with one another. Given a cat’s natural predatory instincts, as well as their long standing professional careers among sailors at sea hunting and killing rats or mice that come on board, the pair seems an unlikely duo to share much of anything. This video disproves any notion that creatures (even naturally born enemies like these two) can find something that they share in common beyond having a human as an owner. Sharing a single bowl of milk, the two make short work of the treat and show that they will continue to be friendly to one another, provided that there is never a shortage of milk to be had. 

Pat the Cat Drinking Milk  

Pat the Cat is a great example of just how much cats love a fresh little bowl of milk. Taking the time to make sure that he has cleared out every drop of the delicious dairy product, he continues to lick his face to show just how much he enjoyed the treat. There is an unnamed cat that strolls into focus for a minute, but Pat just kind of glares at it until it goes away. Pat has a very calm look about him, as though this particular bowl of milk was euphoric. Either way, once the milk is gone, so is Pat off to seek adventures. 

Cat Drinking Milk (Cat Cleverly Drinks) 

Unless you are just blindly a “dog person” who does not see the merit or sense in owning a cat, it is hard to disprove that they are not clever and intelligent creatures. While you might have seen your own cat fall out of a window sill a time or two, there is a strong possibility that their intelligence in problem solving situations has left you impressed as well. That is what makes this video so great, as it shows Mr. Whiskers cleverly reaching the last bit of milk that is in a glass left on the table to enjoy it for himself. Being careful not to upset the glass, the cat carefully dips a paw inside and quickly brings up the drops to his mouth before they fall back into the cup, adorable and incredibly well executed. 

Kitten Milk, Baby Kitten Drinking Milk From A Bottle  

There is nothing quite as adorable as a newborn baby kitten. While the mother is not always able to take care of her entire litter, sometimes owners like the one who filmed this video are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that runts of the litter or discarded kittens still have a chance to grow and thrive. This is typically done through the use of a baby bottle full of milk, and this act of kindness can be seen with the truly adorable kitten featured in this short clip. Of course, what baby animal isn’t cute being bottle fed?

Cat Trying To Drink From A Glass 

While it might seem like Mr. Whiskers has taught this cat a thing or two about drinking from a glass, this cat is arguably a little less successful through the video. If you notice, the cat really wants to use its left paw to gather what milk it can from the bottom of the cup, but this is also a maneuver that the cat isn’t entirely comfortable with. Instead, the primary successes that it has comes from the use of its right paw. The entire video you are waiting for this cat to dump the milk onto the floor, as it hardly seems as confident or savvy as the aforementioned video with Mr. Whiskers, but it is still equally impressive to watch and very cute as a whole.

Siamese Cat Wants His Milk NOW!  

Have you ever noticed that when it is time to give your cat a treat, whether it’s a snack from a pouch or a bowl of milk, that they are so eager with anticipation that they can hardly contain themselves? The weird thing about this is that this is not typical cat behavior, and greatly mimics the common uproarious nature of a dog. In this short clip, an owner can clearly see and film just how excited the Siamese cat is about the milk he is about to receive. Unable to contain his excitement, or just wait a second for the owner to place it down at his level, the cat decides to take a climb that will lead him to the milk right away. 

Cute Calico, Sophie Cat, Drinking Milk  

Sometimes cats are neat and proper, but like humans, there are plenty who just cannot help but to make a mess when they eat. This is the case with Sophie, the cat featured in this video. While you can clearly see (and hear) how much she is enjoying the milk treat she is receiving, you can also quickly tell that she is not the most skilled cat at actually drinking it. Instead, most of the milk is getting flung towards the camera or on the tray below her dish, which seems to indicate that this is a common problem of hers. Nevertheless, it is something you don’t see very often: cats making a mess of their food. 

The Baby of the Family  

There are all kinds of pet owners who treat their animals like they are their own flesh and blood, most often, the relationship is parent and child. While there are undoubtedly people who have taken this idea to the extreme, sometimes the results are far too adorable to slap the crazy label on. When you look at this video, consider just how impressive it is that a kitten of this size is able to recognize that to get the milk she really wants, she should get into this tiny crib and physically hold a baby bottle full of the stuff. This is yet another example of the intelligence of a cat, even in the infancy stages. 

Cute Cat Drinking Milk 

Some cats are just too high class to belittle themselves into lapping up a bowl of milk, even if they really wanted to. Instead, as you can see in this video clip, they will do everything possible not to get their face or whiskers into the bowl. As you can see from this cat, the approach is similar to trying to get the milk from the bottom of a standing glass, delicately dipping in a paw and then bringing it to its mouth. When this method isn’t as effective, the cat loses interest altogether and simply walks away. 


Cute Cat Drinks Milk With A Spoon  

This is the kind of kitten that they make adorable cartoons about. The cat has just humongous eyeballs and such a small frame, but cannot look at anything other than the delicious milk treat that it is being offered. Apparently, the owner of this cat wanted to take a hands on approach to ensuring that her cat got the kind of attention and nutritional content that it needs to grow and thrive. Even though lapping milk from a spoon might seem like something foreign and strange to both cats and humans alike, this kitten in particular does not seem to mind at all. Just don’t stop at one spoonful, we could watch this show for quite some time. 

Cat Drinking Milk With Its Paw  

When all else fails and there is no other way to entertain your cat, at least you have learned throughout these videos that cats are well adapted to use their paws to bring liquid to their mouths. While some might have spoon-fed their little kittens or allowed them to sloppily lap it up, cats do rather seem to enjoy the challenge of obtaining the milk deep inside a glass. This might show you just how skilled your own cat is, but be mindful that there is always the distinct possibility of he or she completely upsetting the glass and making quite the mess. If you are wiling to risk it, you have all the components necessary for a charming video like this one. 


Two Cats Exchange Turns Drinking Milk 

Sometimes your cats just aren’t all that willing to share, especially when it comes to another feline in the family. When you decide to give two of them one solitary bowl of milk to share, it is amusing to see what could happen. Sure, some cats are going to be able to manage fitting both of their heads over the bowl, while a couple of more selfish cats are going to physically pull the bowl of milk back and forth to ensure that they are getting their rightful turn as sole drinker of the milk. What is surprising is how neither cat seems to get any more forceful about the exchange, just calmly steals the bowl back when its their turn again. 

Cat Drinking Milk Really Loudly  

Hey, when it is good, who cares how much noise it makes to enjoy it? With this video, you almost get a glimpse into the mindset of “Sesame Street’s” Cookie Monster when he comes across a tray of baked chocolate chip cookies, he cannot help but enjoy them messily and loudly. While this cat is careful not to waste a single drop of their precious dairy treat, that doesn’t stop them from getting overly loud in the process of finishing it all. Now you can get an audio track to accompany your understanding of how much cats actually enjoy drinking milk from a bowl, so you yourself might be more inclined to give them some more often.

Baby Kittens Drinking Milk From A Bowl

When you want to watch adorable videos on the internet, one subject that is almost always going to get you there is a kitten. When you add several into the mix, all drinking milk from the same bowl, the explosion of cuteness might be too much to keep in. While this seems to be a rather large bowl of milk for three very small cats to tackle on their own, they do their best to make short work of it while trying not to be too afraid of all of the noises that they hear outside. It is difficult to say if these are just three outside cats that have an owner that is filming them or another caretaker looking after neighborhood strays. Either way, it is still one of the cutest videos you are likely to see all week.

Kitty Falls Asleep While Drinking Milk

While you might expect a kitten to fall asleep sometime through a bottle they are being fed (or feeding themselves), it seems almost crazy to think that a cat would fall asleep while lapping up milk from a bowl. Such is the case though with this very young kitten in the video. She is very evidently tired from all of her likely rambunctiousness throughout the day, but it doesn’t take long for her to start nodding off. After only a few laps of the milk that she is being offered, she is fully ready for the nap that she is going to take, curling up into a little ball on the carpet for a quick bit of shut-eye.

My Cat Drinks Milk From A Baby Bottle

There is nothing quite as cute as a human baby holding its own bottle, playfully enjoying a snack throughout the day. If you thought this was cute, you cannot imagine the kind of unrivaled adorable look to an infant kitten as she learns to hold a bottle of milk and feed herself. While later this is sure to develop into daintily drinking from a bowl (or perhaps even slurping as we’ve also seen), for now we can all be perfectly content with just watching the cute antics of a playful kitten getting the nutrition that it needs.

Quick Tingles – Cat Drinks Milk

While you can certainly tell that the cat is not at all enjoying the aspect of having a microphone put into her face, but still cannot resist the allure of the bowl of milk that has just been poured in the bowl for her. Much like another video on this list, this documents the rather loud noises that some cats just can’t help but make whenever they have a big bowl filled in front of their faces. Lapping and breathing together form a sound that the obnoxious microphone is able to pick up clearly and crisply. That combined sound is one of satisfaction and joy.

Big and Little Cat Drinking Milk Together

If you ever needed a video to show that sometimes cats care more about the treat than they do about having it all to themselves, this would be your evidence to present. These two cats can think of nothing but the cold milk that has been poured into a bowl, and both work equally hard to ensure that they consume it as quickly as possible. Perhaps they might compete over this bowl from time to time, but the two seem very able to share the space and make sure that they are each getting their fill when the time comes.

Six Kittens Drinking Milk

It seemed fitting to end this list with a little cuteness overload. If you though one kitten was too cute to handle, especially when enjoying a delicious milk treat, how are you ever going to stop watching the video of six of them? While the music might be a little overkill, especially since cats hunt chipmunks, there is nothing wrong with sinking deeply into the sights of how great it is to see six distinct different styles when it comes to getting milk from a bottle, and how each cat might look initially similar, but holds their own characteristics all at the same time. Fluffy kittens are adorable, and this amplifies considerably when you add bottled milk into the mix. 

This is just a taste of the kind of cat videos that you can find online. It might even inspire you to bring out the video recorder on your phone and get some footage of interesting things that you own pet happens to be doing.

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