Five Daily Routines Your Cats Can Actually Help you With


Cats are pretty awesome little creatures. They are good for us because they allow us to live freely and not have quite so much responsibility as those who own dogs. What do we mean? For one, cats don’t require a walk or to be let outside for a potty break. They’re happy to be inside all day long, every single day. So long as a cat has a perch from which he or she can see the outside world, the cat is happy to hang out inside as long as possible. Additionally, cats don’t want to exercise nearly as much as dogs so there is no need to play hour long games of fetch (though some cats do enjoy this game). You can play with your cat from the couch while you relax. Your cat also doesn’t require trips to the park, and it’s happy to spend some time on its own without any interaction. You shouldn’t leave your cat behind all the time, but if you have to go away for a night, boarding your cat is not something you have to do. He or she will be fine at home with food and water for a night. Cats are pretty low-maintenance, and pretty happy animal. They’re also pretty good about helping you out around the house. No, we did not find a pet that will do laundry and floors. However, there are some things your cat can help you out with from time to time around the house. Don’t get too excited. Your cat is not going to start answering your emails and picking up the bathroom after the kids have taken their bath. However, your cat is going to make a few things a little bit easier on you throughout the course of the day, and that’s always nice. Read on to find out which daily routines your cat can handle.


Okay, okay, so we just got done telling you that you don’t have to take your cat outside or even get up off the couch to help it with games and playing. However, you can. If you don’t, that’s your issue. Your cat would love to have someone play with it by throwing toys around or making it chase some string around the house for a bit. You can exercise your cat by doing this, and you can exercise yourself by doing this. It’s not that difficult, and it’s actually pretty fun. Cats like attention and love, and they love a playful owner. Go ahead and let your cat play with you and become the playful owner you’ve always wanted to become. It’s going to help aid you in exercising every day, and that’s good for you.


Cats like to sleep. You like to sleep. Cats are warm and fuzzy and they make that adorable little purring sound. That’s always nice. You can get some serious sleep in if you let your cat help you. Let the cat curl up with you in bed and keep you warm. If you have that sweet little cat near you when you sleep, you’ll want to sleep a bit more. Sometimes all it takes to sleep more – and your body does need a specific amount of sleep to maintain the best possible health – is someone to make you want to. A cat can do just that.

Scheduling and Staying Organized

Your cat is going to make sure that you get up and get going every single day. And since cats have needs, too, such as vet appointments, food that has to be purchased to feed them and whatnot, you will be able to schedule your life a little bit better. Your cat is going to crawl all over you when the alarm goes off so that you can make scheduling your day that much easier. It’s also going to make it imperative that you use a calendar when it comes to scheduling appointments and things of that nature. So while your cat isn’t going to be your secretary, he or she is going to force you to create a schedule so that you can fit in all the things that need to be fit in as a pet owner.

Practicing Happiness

Did you know that cats make you happy? Did you know that happy people live longer? Did you know that happy people are generally less stressed than other people? That’s the truth. Happy people are far less stressed than unhappy people, probably because they are less stressed. Medical professionals have proved that owning a cat or dog can help relieve stress tremendously. It could be several factors, but many believe that the shameless amount of love that cats share with their owners makes them more likely to have less stress and more happiness in their lives. Cats are great animals that do show a lot of love, and that means the people who own them are a little bit less anxious.


The simple act of petting a cat can reduce stress levels and make you feel really good about life. This is an act that can reduce stress, increase happiness and promote rest. Relaxation is good for your cat because it allows you to bond together. Your cat is going to help you relax by lying on your lap and allowing you to pet him or her. The cat being right there showing you love and affection is going to help you slow down, take deeper breaths and enjoy the moment. This is called relaxing; which is something most of us are unfamiliar with.

As a bonus; cats help you live longer. Most of us don’t put “live” on our daily routine calendar, but we really should. Cat owners live longer than non-cat owners because they are less stressed, less anxious, more relaxed and much happier. This means that as an added bonus, your cat is not only helping you with the daily grind and routine, he’s also helping you get to tomorrow so that you can do it all over again.

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