Five Effective Ways to Calm Your Cat in the Car

There are a lot of cats out there that are less than enthusiastic when it comes to car rides. The exact reason is unknown, but interested individuals have come up with a number of theories on the matter. For example, cats are creatures of routine. As a result, some people believe that car rides upset them because it is an instinctual response to an unfamiliar and thus uncomfortable situation. In other words, while there are some cats that seem to suffer from motion sickness, the more common issue seems to be that of territorial animals being removed from their territories. Fortunately, if this is the cause for cats’ unhappiness with car rides, interested individuals can use this to come up with a potential solution to the problem as well.

Here are five ways by which it might be possible to calm a cat on a car ride:

1. Put the Cat in a Familiar Travel Carrier

One simple and straightforward solution is putting the cat in a familiar travel carrier. In short, when the travel carrier is not in use, put it somewhere close to the places where the cat spends most of its name. This way, when the cat is roaming its territories, it will familiarize itself with the travel carrier by exploring it. On top of this, interested individuals can put familiar items such as the cat’s pillow in the travel carrier when it is going to see use, which should serve to make it even more comfortable in more than one sense for the word for the cat.

2. Make the Carrier More Comfortable

On a related note, making a travel carrier more comfortable for the cat can serve to reduce its stress. Luckily, making a travel carrier more comfortable tends to be pretty simple. For example, a bigger travel carrier can help the cat feel less confined. Likewise, consider a travel carrier that provides plenty of shade for its occupant as well as a way to look out, which are important because cats feel safer and more secure when they have a good place to hide.

3. Get the Cat Used to Car Rides

The unfamiliar can become familiar. In other words, it is possible to get a cat more accustomed to being in a travel carrier while on a car ride, which should make them feel more at ease. Generally speaking, the process is as simple as putting them in a travel carrier for longer and longer periods of time, which need to have sufficient intervals between them for the cat to make the gradual adjustment. Furthermore, once the cat has become comfortable with staying in the travel carrier, it is important to start bringing it out on car rides as well. Naturally, the car rides should get longer and longer, which will serve much the same purpose.

4. Practice Soothing Strategies

There are some soothing strategies that might be useful for calming a cat that is agitated because of a car ride. One example would be using a calming spray on the interior of the travel carrier, which should make it a more pleasing environment. Another example would be putting in some of the cat’s favorite toys while also putting on some relaxing music. Besides this, there is also the option of positioning the travel carrier so that the cat can see the cat owner, which should add an element of familiarity. There are more soothing strategies that can be found out there, meaning that interested individuals might want to do some additional searching on their own.

5. Consult a Veterinarian

Since there are cases when the cat’s agitation isn’t caused by stress but rather by nausea, it can be a good idea to consult a veterinarian about anti-nausea medication as well as anti-anxiety medication, which can prove to be very useful under the right circumstances. Medicating cats isn’t the sole solution out there, but in some cases, it might be the most effective solution. Moreover, veterinarians tend to have plenty of information about cats as well as how to help cats overcome a wide range of challenges, meaning that they are an excellent sources of knowledge for people who need exactly that.

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