What to Be Aware of When Purchasing a Ragdoll Cat


Ragdoll cats are definitely one of the most adorable animals that you could ever own.  But when purchasing a Ragdoll of your very own, how much should you be willing to pay?  While prices for these lovely pets vary widely you should be able to find one for a reasonable price.  But before you set off on your quest trying to find a breeder, there are a few things you must first understand.  There are a lot of things that drive the price of a purebred animal.  When it comes to Ragdoll Cat Price you have to factor in a lot of costs.  Below is a list of breeder expenses which will help you understand why your kitten may cost several hundred dollars or more.

First, the breeder has to pay for all vaccinations or other medical procedures in order to keep both the kittens and their parents healthy.  These costs are added to the price of the kitten which allows the breeder to stay in business.  Remember, when dealing with a purebred animal you are going to have more vet visits due to their pedigree.

Second, many breeders show there breed stock and often times they win awards for best in show.  Having these prestigious titles will often drive up the price of their kittens.  The greater the titles the more money you are going have to shell out for your Rag Doll.  Also, there are travel expenses getting to and from these award shows that often take place around the country.

Third, overhead costs such as food and grooming should also be taken into account.  The queens and studs have to look their best at all times and feeding them high quality food can be very expensive.  These everyday cost may not seem like a lot but over time they can really add up.

So How Should I Actually Pay For A Ragdoll?

This can depend on how prestigious your breeder’s bloodline is.  A fair Ragdoll Cat Price might be $800 for some breeders while others may be able to command a much higher price.  But the real cost of a Ragdoll actually depends on what your budget is.  Only you know how much you have to spend.  But no matter what your budget is, make sure the breeder you are dealing with is reputable.  Make sure to ask for references no matter how many awards they have won.  If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to find a beautiful Ragdoll to call your very own.

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