Five Products That Will Make Your Cat’s Treat Time Awesome


Did you know that cats are very much prone to obesity? They are; and I know you love your cat and do not want to have your cat gaining so much weight from mealtime that you end up with a fat cat a myriad of other health issues to worry about. Cats are very subtle creatures. Unlike dogs that get so excited when it’s meal time, cats are a bit more refined and able to show some restraint. As a result, it’s not always easy to know that they’re so excited for meal time that they eat so much you forget you fed them with an empty bowl on hand.

So, you feed the cat again. Perhaps you fed the cat already today and your spouse did not know this, fed the cat again and this becomes a habit; your cat is going to get fat and sick and you’re going to spend a lot of time and money at the vet. On that note, perhaps communication is something you should try in your house. Otherwise, why not try one of these amazing items that might make meal time a bit more enjoyable for your cat? They track your food, they keep the water as clean as possible and they even make sure your cat is only eating what he’s supposed to eat.

It’s a great way to allow your cat to eat without worrying that someone already fed him and without trying to keep track of everything all the time. How about a cat toy that dispenses food and treats and is also a toy? Your cat is going to love all five of these items, and we highly recommend each one.

petsafe slimcat interactive food and toy dispenser

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser – $6

Who says it’s not a good idea to play with your food? This is the ultimate item when it comes to treating your cat to a much more than marginally excited treat time. For one, you can stick your cat’s food and treats inside this toy and allow him to work hard for what he wants. It teaches your cat a few things, too, such a patience and how to do things for himself. Your cat is going to find treat time more fun than ever before with this interactive toy that allows him to snack and play with his food at the same time. The only problem with this item is that your kids might be a little jealous they don’t get to play with their own food during meal and snack time.

petsafe slimcat interactive food and toy dispenser

Catit Treat Ball – $5

The only thing that does not come with this toy is the actual treats. Your cat is going to love being able to use this item as both a treat and as a toy. The ball is perfect for playtime, and when it finally opens up and becomes a way for the cat to get a few snacks, he’s going to appreciate all that it has to offer even more than usual. It is a great treat for promoting moderation and good health. Cats require just as much exercise to stay healthy as any other animal, so working so hard to snack proves this animal is going to make a wonderful addition to anyone’s family.

pet water fountain

Pet Water Fountain and Food Bowl – $40

Cats are interesting animals. Many years ago before they became domesticated, they were all wild animals that lived in nature and fought to survive. One of their most impressive survival instincts was their innate ability to detect whether or not water was safe for them. They did this very simply – by smelling it. If the water smelled funny to them, they’d assume it was crawling with bacteria or some other dangerous stuff that might harm them, and they’d avoid it. Today, cats still feel the same way, which is why they tend to ignore water unless it is absolutely fresh. This bowl allows you to keep your cat’s water as fresh as possible while also keeping their food close at hand. It’s also a bit of a space saver, which is always nice when it comes to having animals at home.

pet water fountain dish

Filtered Pet Water Fountain – $35

If your cat is anything like the cat we had until his untimely passing, he makes a lot of noise at night. He walks around the house, seems to forget where the furniture is, despite the fact it’s always been in those places, and he always manages to make a mess of his food and water bowls in the laundry room. It’s a pet peeve (get it, “pet” peeve?) of ours. However, this amazing feeding dish is precisely what we needed. Not only does it hold 12 cups of water and has a filter that keep it clean and fresh without making a ton of noise, this dish also has a nightlight. No more cats running into things and making a mess of all its food. With fresh water, automatically dispensing food and a nightlight, this is the kind of dish that you have to have for your favorite feline friend.

crown majestic series

Crown Majestic Series – $75

Do you travel a lot? Do you have a cat that likes to eat throughout the day, but you are at work and unable to do that for your cat? How about a dish like this that is guaranteed to make meal time that much more fun and enjoyable? The water bottle and the food dish are automatic, and you can set them. You get to choose how much food to dispense to your cat at any given time of the day. The LED display allows you to choose how much food to give your cat, what time to give it, and then it keeps track of the meals and times it works. It’s a great item, and we highly recommend that you get this for your cat. It works well and keeps track of all the details for you; you’re busy, so you might welcome this.

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