Five Superhero Powers That Cats Actually Have


Most people still think that superheroes are absolutely the only beings on earth that have flying, teleporting, transmutation, and memory manipulating abilities. The truth is that those cute little kitties that we know and love have all of those abilities, too, and then some. And, what about wearing capes? Do they need to wear those like other superheroes? Well, those little four-legged furry superheroes would simply say “Capes? We don’t need no stinking capes!” And, they don’t, you know. So, here are five special superhero powers that cats display every single day:

1. Flying Cats

You probably didn’t know that cats could fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but the fact is that they are actually amazingly aerodynamic. And, the way that they can leap into the air as if they were flying is something that seems to defy all of the laws of gravity. Have you ever seen the television commercial where the guy is throwing cat treats off of his patio and the cat is jumping up and catching them? At the end of the commercial, you finally see that the guy is actually on the second floor and the cat is jumping up there from the ground. That’s definitely a flying cat!

2. Transmutation

Some folks call them “shape-shifters”, but either way they are creatures that can change themselves into all kinds of different shapes. They can change into just about anything that they want to, maybe even a loaf of bread or some other soft yummy baked goods, like cinnamon rolls. A cat has to be a superhero to do that. Anybody hungry now?

3. Superhero Strength

Cats may seem to be sweet with kind of an ethereal quality, but down deep they’re really genuine badasses. When it comes to sheer superhero strength, dog’s ain’t got nothing on them. Paws-down, cats have it all over dogs. This is evidenced by the way that a really big cat will lay on top of a smaller cat. Not a little kitten, mind you, just a cat who hasn’t eaten quite as much as the bigger cat during his or her lifetime. So, when that little cat on the bottom just shoves that big fat cat off, now that’s some serious superhero strength!

4. Invisibility

Cats are just so good at hiding from you that sometimes they appear to be invisible. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that they can hide just about anywhere and you’ll have a hard time finding them. Now, whether they enjoy this little game or not is anybody’s guess, but the expertise with which they play it takes real superhero powers.

5. Teleportation

We all know just how fast cats are when they want to be. Fat or thin, big or small, they have truly unrivaled superhero skills in teleporting. One minute they’re on one side of the room and, in the blink of an eye, they’re on the other side, staring back at you like nothing ever happened. Cats aren’t just quick, they’re superhero quick! If there were an official Superhero Guidebook for Cats, this subject would definitely be on the first page.

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