Cat is Blind and Deaf but Finds His Humans Despite Tough Odds

Hank 1

Adopting a special needs animal is a serious undertaking. Not only can the specific conditions that the animal is dealing with necessitate greater care, but a great deal of change can occur in an individual’s home. Sometimes, a person’s entire schedule and home life may be completely changed with the addition of a special needs animal. Of course, these pets contribute more than enough love and fulfillment to make up for these challenges.

Before adopting an animal with special needs, it can be helpful to see an example of a successful adoption. One heartwarming case occurred when Meagan Matthews adopted a cat named Hank Von Hankenstein from Liberty Humane Society. Hank not only has an amazing name, he is also a blind and deaf cat. Naturally, providing a safe and happy home for Hank would require several significant changes to Meagan’s home.

After Hank was brought home, Meagan and her family quickly found ways to accommodate the cat’s needs. Of course, their first priority was his safety. This meant not leaving any objects lying on the floor like shoes, as Hank would trip over them. As well, their furniture was rearranged in order to be safer for the cat.

Most importantly, Meagan found that a blind and deaf cat thrives on routine. Knowing when his family would be home can reduce stress for Hank. He would also use specific parts of the house as “checkpoints,” waiting for a family member to appear. Further, Meagan realized that it was beneficial to make noise when entering the house so that Hank would not be startled by their presence.

Hank 2

Although these changes to one’s home life may appear to be a hassle, the love and happiness brought into the house by such pets is more than enough compensation. Hank, in particular, gave the family just as much as he received. Meagan was initially searching for a cat to provide companionship for her other cat named Logan. Unfortunately, Logan became sick shortly after Hank arrived, and passed away. Hank filled this void in the home with his playful and loving personality. Anyone who is hesitating to adopt a special needs animal because of the changes to everyday life that will be necessary should know that they contribute a great deal as well. The intimate bond formed between a pet and its family is one of the most powerful connections a person can experience.

While adopting an animal with special needs is more than worth the extra effort required, it always should depend on the connection between the particular person and animal. Meagan, for example, knew immediately that Hank was the perfect fit for her home. The two bonded over toys and treats that Meagan brought on her visit to his foster home.

Ultimately, adopting a cat with special needs is always a great choice if it is made out of love. There are far too many of these cats who are stuck in shelters, waiting for the right family to find them. Bringing a cat with special needs like Hank into one’s family certainly necessitates significant changes to home life and scheduling. However, these changes are more than made up for by the joy that accompanies these animals.

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