The Top Five Cat Beds on the Market in 2017

Cats are known to sleep in the strangest places. More than dogs, they are rare in that they can maneuver their flexible little bodies to mold and fit into just about any shape and size of items around them. A slipper, a shoe box, in a drawer, a vase, anything they find that looks like a good place to take a nap, they’ll squeeze, fold, and bend themselves until they are comfortably (or not so comfortably) inside, and doze off to sleep. More pet owners tend to get their dogs a comfortable bed to lounge and sleep in, and maybe because their cat seems perfectly happy sleeping anywhere and everywhere. Well now you can get your cat a nice comfortable bed of his own to get comfortable in, just like the dog, because there are some pretty awesome cat bed available today. Take a look at the top five beds of 2017 and see which one you think would be the best bed for your cat.

5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Cats love to scratch; it’s no secret, and if they don’t have their own place to scratch, the will go after your furniture to get their scratch needs met. Give them the best of two worlds, a place to lounge, and a place to scratch. This uniquely designed cat and lounge and scratcher is one of the most popular on the market today. It will flow with your home furnish design where you hardly even notice you have a cat bed in the house.


4. Self-warming cat bed

Velvet is luxurious and so soft to sleep on. Even cats agree. Your cat will love this velvet cat bed that comes with two cushions for extra pampering and comfort. It consists of the main pillow, which is the larger pillow and its dimensions are (22″ x 18.5″), plus a smaller pillow, (17″ x 11″). What’s unique about the pillows is the middle layer of the pillows. The middle layer reflects your cat’s temperature to keep him warmer. These self-warming pillows match all kinds of indoor décor and will look beautiful and stylish in your home. You can go to order one for your kitty and it only costs $21.70.


3. Pet palace

Give your cat the comfort of a cave-like feeling with the pet palace cat bed. You can lay this bed out flat, like a mat, just by unzipping it, or put it in the tent-shape by zipping back up. However your cat prefers to use this bed, he will be comfortable and cozy with the warm fleece material that reflects your cat’s body heat with the Thermo-Reflective core built-in. Cat owners appreciate the hair-trapping ability of the material to help keep pet hair off the floor and furniture.


2. Canvas cat bed

For $19.99, you can have the cutest little cat bed that is one of the top cat beds this year. It is comfy and cozy because your cat can climb inside and get away from the world. He’ll love curling up inside this teepee-style cat bed that gives your cat a cushy, plush fleece pillow to lay on, while having the security of an enclosure to hide it. For a bonus, this bed is even a place for your kitty to play. When your feline enters his bed, he’s got a ball on a string to bat at that he can reach from either inside or out, of the bed.

1. Cat cave bed

Cats love to hideaway in crazy places. They love the security of being inside an object or dark space, especially when they’re sleeping. It’s their instinct and it gives them a sense of security when they know they can’t be taken by surprise. The cat cave cat bed gives your cat his own personal space and a cave-like environment to sleep in. He can climb inside this comfy little cave that is made of Merino wool and is soft and flexible. The bed naturally repels odor, stains and dirt, which make it clean, too. Any cat from kitten, up to 20 lbs., is perfect for this bed, so order your cat cave bed on the following link (above). It will set you back about $55.00, but it’s one of the top cat beds of 2017


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