Four Signs Your Egyptian Mau Needs to See the Vet Immediately

egyptian mau

Their beautiful coat is just one reason so many people fall in love at first sight with the Egyptian Mau. This gorgeous cat has a spotted coat that makes it look more like a dangerous cat from the wild than a fun-loving, affectionate house cat. That’s exactly what this breed is, however; a fun-loving, affectionate and confident feline that manages to find a special person in the house with whom to bond. This is a cat that will love you for eternity, sitting on your lap and looking for affection. It’s an opinionated cat that really doesn’t listen to anyone who chooses not to exert their natural ‘pack leader’ dominance from the start. This is a stranger-weary cat that loves everyone in your household but tends to disagree with the presence of people who don’t live in your home.

This is a beautiful breed that many people fall madly in love with. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find this breed unless you head to a reputable breeder. You will pay handsomely to obtain a cat this beautiful, but most owners agree that having this cat become a part of the family is actually priceless. This is good news considering this cat typically costs anywhere from $500 to $800. Whether you spend this much on an Egyptian Mau or not, you still want to make sure one thing is clear at all times; that your cat is healthy and well-taken care of.

With the Egyptian Mau, you have to be very careful of illness. Many cats do not exhibit signs that they are feeling unwell, and that’s not good. Cats tend to become sick from time to time, and while it might not be anything more than just a bit of a kitty cold, it might be something more serious, which is why you have to be in tune to your cat’s behavior at all times. It’s often the small changes that are most telling. For that reason, you should know the signs of an ill cat so that you can get your feline family member to the vet right away.

Changes in Appetite

Most people assume that a cat that stops eating for a while is sick, but they don’t seem to take much notice when their cats are hungry all the time and eating more than usual. Even if you still feed your cat the same amount at the same time every day, you should take note if your feline friend suddenly seems to whine and beg more often for food. This could indicate a cat that’s just getting a bit fat, but it can also indicate a cat suffering from something such as hyperthyroidism. All in all, the general rule is that a cat that doesn’t eat for 24 hours requires a visit to the vet and one that seems to want to eat everything in sight should also be taken to the vet.

Really Bad Breath

If we are really honest here, it’s not like your cat has great breath. It doesn’t brush its teeth and you haven’t seen any cats starring in Crest commercials lately. And let’s not even go there discussing the fact that your cat actually does this thing where it licks every inch of its body – even the parts that were in the litter box with him. However, your cat has a certain ‘fragrance’ when it comes to his or her breath. If you notice it suddenly becomes very bad, worse than usual or just downright foul, get that animal to the vet right away. Egyptian Maus are not more prone to Kidney disease than any other breed, but it’s a serious health problem that could claim the life of your cat if you’re not careful.

Difference in Behavior

You know your cat. If your Mau is one who loves to stay as close to you as possible as often as possible, that’s his normal. If he’s a very aloof pet who only likes to spend time with you at 6 am, that’s his normal. Every cat from this breed has its own version of normal, and that’s something only you can recognize. That’s why it’s so important you pay attention. If your cat suddenly goes from spending 24/7 glued to your side for years to not spending any time with you at all, it might indicate your cat is not feeling well. If your cat is one who would rather jump in front of traffic than be caught snuggling with you when the sun is up and suddenly he or she is all over you all the time, it could indicate your cat is not feeling well. Just like people tend to see a shift in their personalities when they are not feeling well, so do cats.

What’s Happening in the Litter Box

This is no one’s favorite job. It’s really the one bad thing about having a cat; if only they’d take a page from the cat in Meet the Fockers and just go to the bathroom in the bathroom and flush, life would be wonderful with the Egyptian Mau. However, this is not a cat you’re training to use the toilet so get ready to spend some time in the litter box. When you are cleaning things out (as you should do regularly) you might notice that there are some changes. While we all have an upset stomach from time to time, sudden and frequent changes in the color, consistency and smell of your Mau’s urine and/or feces could indicate that there are issues with his or her health. Take note of what is going on with your cat and call the vet. He or she will likely want to see the cat right away to check for a few issues such as a urinary tract infection or any type of blockage. Once this is eliminated, it could be that your cat is going through some behavioral issues and just acting out – but it’s better to know for certain that your cat is not sick.

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