What is Helicopter Parenting Your Cats and Do you Do It?


We’ve all heard the term helicopter parenting. It’s the concept of being on top of your kids all the time; hovering over them ensuring they are doing everything the right way and fixing their mistakes before they even have a chance to make them. It happens, and too many parents do it. It’s a nice concept for some because it gives them the happy feeling that their kids are going to somehow live a more successful and more cautious life if they’re parents are on top of them all the time. What many of these parents fail to realize is that kids need a little freedom to make mistakes. After all, mistakes are some of the best lessons we have in life, and that’s why so many of us make them. We don’t love to see our kids fail, make mistakes or do things the wrong way, but we do love the lessons they learn from them.

When it comes to cats, however, helicopter parenting is a bit different. According to some cat experts, helicopter cat parenting is a good thing that cats require in their lives. But what is it? It helicopter parenting a cat the same thing as helicopter parenting a child? And how do we know the difference? We have the information you are searching for, and we are happy to help you learn what you’re doing right and wrong.

What is Helicopter Parenting a Cat?

The simple answer is that it’s a bit of a neurotic way of owning a cat. People who fit this stereotype are typically those who have some introverted personality types. They’re a bit quieter, they prefer to be home, and they even prefer to spend more time with their cats. These people tend to show a great deal more affection for their animals than other cat owners, and scientific studies have proven that this is very good for pets. In these scientific studies, it’s been said that cat parents are a little bit more neurotic than dog parents, and that cats do better with this type of behavior than dogs or even kids.

These people are often described as overprotective, overbearing and a little bit crazy (but not in a bad way). When a person has this kind of personality, doctors say that they are much more affectionate with their animals. Since animals are pretty crazy about affection, this can be a good thing for your cat. don’t even begin to think that spending too much time with the cat, loving on the cat and cuddling the cat is a bad thing; it’s actually really good. Helicopter parents make great cat owners. But how do you know if you are being a helicopter parent? Well, we will tell you so that you can stop wondering and start feeling really good about your cat ownership skills.

You Would Rather be with Your Cat

If you are the kind of person who would rather be with your cat than anyone else in your life, chances are good that you are fitting the mold for a helicopter cat parent. This desire to be with your cat means that you are doing a good job of making your cat feel loved and welcome in your home, and that you are doing what is required of you so that your cat is shown as much affection as is necessary.

You Dislike Other People Around Your Cat

Most people who prefer to be around their pets find that they dislike when other people are around the cat. If you have friends or family over to visit and your cat seems to want to spend more time with these new people, it might make you feel a bit jealous and even a bit anxious. It’s not a bad thing, even if it does have a way of making you feel a little bit like a crazy cat person. A bit of anxiety when your beloved feline seems to enjoy the company of someone else over you is a legitimate reason to feel upset at times.

You Spend a lot of Time with Your Cat

Do you spend the vast majority of your time at home with the cat? We don’t mean do you spend a lot of time with the cat at home while you’re working or watching television? What we mean is do you find that your cat comes to the bathroom with you, sits on the counter while you cook, or that you have the cat with you no matter which room you go into just because you like it that way? Do you neglect other things around the house because you would rather play with the cat, cuddle the cat or video tape the cat doing adorable things than anything else?

You Play with the Cat a Lot

Most people play with their cats a few minutes a day, if that. If you find that you play with the cat more than you do anything else, you’re probably a helicopter cat parent. This is not a bad thing, as many animals love the kind of stimulation and playtime they get from their parents. Your cat loves this kind of affection and it will likely make them behave a little more accordingly around the house since they want to please you more than you know.

You Travel with the Cat

Do you take the cat with you when you travel? We don’t mean on a long, extended trip; that’s okay. We mean, do you take the cat with you when you go to the store and stick it in a bag to take inside with you? Do you take the cat with you when you go to a hotel for a night because you can’t bear the thought of being away from the cat at all? If you do this, you might very well be a helicopter cat parent who is giving your cat more affection than most. But no worries; studies show this is not bad for cats.

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