Helpful Holiday Tips on British Shorthair Kittens

British Shorthair Kitten

When it comes to cute felines the British Shorthair Kittens are some of the most adorable.  There’s just something about these little animals that warms the heart.  Maybe it’s the way they look at you with their tiny little faces.  But owning one of these kittens can be very costly if you don’t shop around.  Many breeders will inflate their prices simply because they know you are dying to have one of these cats to call your own.  So today we are going to go over what you should look for when purchasing British Shorthair Kittens.

Don’t Purchase a Kitten during the Holidays

Many people want to give these animals as gifts during the holidays.  But this is the worst time to purchase a cat.  Many people are trying to buy these animals causing a shortage in the market.  This shortage will drive up the cost and some breeders will take advantage of the situation.  So instead buy the cat after the holidays and often you can get a great deal.  Many breeders will have some leftovers and instead of giving them away they will cut you a deal.

How much is Too Much for One of These Cats?

While the average price to own one of these beautiful animals can be quite high, you should never pay over 1,500 dollars for one.  While it depends on the bloodline and how many awards the parent animals have won, a midrange price of $950 is probably going to be the best price.  But remember you get what you pay for.  Stay away from those breeders who are offering a much cheaper animal.  You might be getting yourself into a real mess and they may not even be pure breed animals.  A price range from $800 to $1,500 is a good figure to go with.  Remember to always ask for documentation on any animal that you buy.

Call Around For Prices of These Animals and You Will Get a Better Deal

Instead of going with your first choice, why not call around and get some prices?  This is a great way to see what’s out there and your selection of animals to choose from will be more diverse.  You might even want to go online and look at animals from around the country.  Shipping them to your destination is a simple and affordable way to find the right animal for you at a fraction of the local price.

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