The 20 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in the World

While some pet owners prefer dogs, there is a huge segment of the population that are cat lovers. Cats are one of the most popular choices for family pets and they have been so for centuries. There are some very interesting breeds in the world and some of them don’t even resemble the more common breeds. It’s always fun to learn about new things, particularly when it’s something that is off the wall and unique. We’ve put together a collection of the twenty most bizarre cat breeds in the world. Enjoy our offering of felines that are either odd in appearance of have some pretty quirky behaviors.

1. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat is among the most unusual breeds of cat because of the consistency of its fur. The majority of cat breeds are configured with an undercoat of fur that is covered by a top coat. What makes the Cornish Rex so different is that it doesn’t have the overcoat, typical in most cat breeds. They only have the undercoat and it makes them look very different. This undercoat has the texture of the down that you’d expect to find on a bird. It’s super cool because the fur of these cats is quite soft and very fluffy. This cat has been bred from a variety of domestic cats and the fur texture is due to a genetic mutation. They are truly weird looking and feature a greyhound like stature. These cats are popular because of their playful nature and high activity levels. They love to play and jump, and will even play a game of fetch with their owners.

2. Ukranian Levkoy

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a hairless breed of cat that is similar to the Sphynx, but has a few differences in appearance which make it stand out. The ears of members of this breed are folded downward. It has a unique eye shape which are very large, but they are also quite narrow. Levkoys have facial features that actually look more like a dog than a cat. If you plan to own one, be warned that they do require some high maintenance. Because of the lack of fur on their bodies, they require daily skin care to maintain good skin health. They also have a tendency to sunburn in direct sunlight, and to get cold when outside temperatures are low. Their intelligence level is above average, and they prefer the company of humans and other animals. This is a friendly breed that enjoys being around other animals and people.

3. Sphynx

The Sphynx breed has been around for centuries. Many people are put off by its rat like appearance. And while it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, there are a lot of proud Sphynx owners throughout the world. The breed is hairless so the skin looks somewhat loose and wrinkly. It has huge eyes which can be adorable, but they also give it an extremely weird appearance because of the lack of fur. These cats need a lot of TLC because they tend to lose body heat very easily. They need to be kept warm, particularly in cold weather. In addition to this, they require skincare maintenance and protection from intense sunlight because they will get a sunburn. The Sphynx is a popular choice for pet lovers with allergies because of the lack of fur.

4. Donskoy

The Donskoy breed hails from the country of Russia. It is another hairless breed that is the result of crossing Peterbald and Levkoy cats. Although these guys are really not appealing to the eyes, they are popular in Russia as pets. Some find the unusual appearance to be novel, and this really is a sweet and kind natured cat. Their eyes are a lovely almond shape and are very large. One of the more unique features is the webbing between their toes. Be forewarned about the Donskoy though, they are high maintenance because of the lack of fur and the breed has a tendency for developing a variety of different health issues.

5. Lambkin

Lambkins are really cute cats but they have a very weird and disproportionate appearance. Their legs are extremely short and their fur is very thick and curly. This is the reason why they’ve earned the name Lambkin. They do resemble little sheep. The breed is a mixture of Selkirk and Munchkin cats. Lambkins are quirky little cats. Their hair is very curly at birth, which makes them very cute and adorable, but as they begin to mature, the hair will begin to straighten when the kittens reach four months of age. It’s difficult for them to jump very far or high because of their extremely short legs. The standard sized head really looks like it is too big for their bodies because of the short legs.

6. LaPerm

The LaPerm cat breed is a type of the popular Rex. What makes this cat so unique is the fur that features tight curls that resemble a human woman’s hair after it has been permed. This feature is due to a genetic mutation that occurs from the intermixing of a variety of domestic breeds. These cats are great for people who have allergies because the fur is considered to be hypo allergenic. They are very playful cats who truly enjoy human interaction. They are active with an athletic build and they love to play with their owners. This is one of the most affectionate and outgoing cat breeds with regard to personality, and it is one of the reasons why LaPerms are becoming such a popular choice for cat owners.

7. American Curl

The American Curl has curled ears as the result of a genetic mutation from breeding a mix of domestic cats. The folded down ear shape is a far cry from the typical cat with upright ears and this feature is what sets them apart from all other cat breeds. If you’re interested in owning an American Curl, be prepared for a little extra work. These cats are very delicate so they must be handled with care because they are easily inured. They also have a need for regular grooming and cleaning.

8. Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair cat is a type of Persian. It is a cross between the American Shorthair cat and a Persian. The reason that this breed was created was to attempt to improve the Persian breed. This is an unusual cat that has a very flat face and a short muzzle. It’s really unusual in appearance and has an average lifespan of fifteen years or more. This hardy cat comes in a variety of colors and fur patterns. It makes a good guard cat because it lets you know if there is a stranger nearby.

9. Savannah

Savannah cats get their name because of their unique appearance that makes them look like they just stepped out of an African Savannah. This cat is the result of breeding Serval cats with a domestic breed. It is quite large and can weigh up to thirty pounds as an adult. It looks more like a wildcat than a domestic breed. The cat has slender, long legs with a tall head and nose that is large and puffy. When you look at the tail, you’re going to think of a Cheetah. All Savannahs have black tips on the ends of their tails. It may look like a wildcat, but the Savannah cat is really friendly and social. They don’t mind strangers and they enjoy playing with children, adults and other animals.

10. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex breed is a lot like the Cornish Rex. It also has a fur coat that is soft and short with a slender body structure. These cats are very intelligent and they are also quite talented. You can teach your Devon Rex to perform tricks. They learn their names very quickly, but they will also learn the names of their owners and other family members and friends. This is fairly remarkable for a cat, and it is noteworthy. This breed may look like a Cornish Rex, but it is not a member of this breed. It has no relation. The Devon Rex shows no genetic markers that could relate it to the Cornish Rex, which may be surprising. Although this breed has not been technically recognized as being hypo allergenic, it is considered to be by owners who have allergies and experience no symptoms when exposed to their fur.

11. Teacup Persian

Teacup Persians are a cat breed that was intentionally bred to be a smaller type of Persian cat. It is the result of breeding smaller cats with Persians. This cute and adorable feline is often so small that it fits into the palm of the owner’s hand. This breed gets a little nervous when it is around loud noises, but it is in general a very well mannered breed of cat. They are very laid back and they prefer to live in a quiet and calm environment. The Teacup Persian is not a good choice for boisterous or noisy environments so unless your children are very laid back as well, it wouldn’t thrive around kids. This cat loves to be around its owner and it enjoys being held and cuddled. It can be moody at times, but when it feels like it, the cat can be very playful and even entertaining.

12. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail cat is born with its tail bobbed. It resembles a bunny rabbit as a kitten. This breed features a round, extremely short tail, and it actually acts like a bunny rabbit. When the cat moves around, it tends to hop like a bunny. The breed is fairly new, first appearing in 1968. It became very popular and is now found in Japan, Europe and North America. The Japanese believe that the Japanese Bobtail is a very lucky cat, and if you own one, you are more likely to experience prosperity in your life and in your home.

pixie bob

13. Pixie-Bob

The Pixie-Bob is a very unusual looking breed of cat that strongly resembles a wild bobcat. The ears are extremely pointed and it has the markings found in its wild counterpart, along with the bobbed tail. This cat was once believed to have originated from the wild bobcat breed, but genetic testing has shown that they are not related to that species. The Pixie Bob may be a bit frightening at first glance, because you’d think it was a wildcat, but they really do love to play and have fun with their owners. They are great hunters who enjoy stalking their prey and chasing other pets and toys. They’re athletic cats who are born with blue eyes which makes them adorable. The color of their eyes does not stay the beautiful blue that they are born with. The majority of Pixie Bobs eyes will turn to either green or gold as they mature.

14. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a bizarre and somewhat quirky breed of cat. It doesn’t really have what you could call fur covering its body. It is more like a hair that has a very wiry consistency, much like that hair found on a wirehaired dog. One of the benefits of this feature is that there is very little grooming needed to maintain the coat for this cat. Aside from this very odd feature, they’re just like any common cat breed. They have sweet and gentle temperaments and they are very much lap cats. They tend to become quite playful and are very entertaining with their antics.

15. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is a very unusual breed that features very long fur. Because of its’ origin in the country of Norway, this cat has adapted to the very cold climate with an extra long coat that gives it additional protection from the cold. It has some really quirky tufts of long fur extending from the inside of its’ ears, which is another protective adaptation. These cats are quite personable and loving in nature. They like to get a lot of attention from their owners, but they are just as willing to give it back. They are very nurturing, and they have above average intelligence. Your Norwegian Forest cat will learn tricks very quickly and they love to be challenged. They enjoy playing fetch and figuring out puzzle toys. They’re fairly high on the vocalization scale with voices that have a chirping quality, but they also love to purr frequently which tells you that all is well with their world.

16. Highlander

The Highlander cat breed is very similar to the American Curl, with the exception of the ears. While the American Curl’s ears fold forward, the Highlander’s curl backwards. Highlanders are also known for having additional toes on their feet. They can have up to six toes on each foot, and they’re known as polydactyl cats. The tails are bobbed or very short. This breed makes an excellent companion pet because they are quite playful and affectionate. They grow to a size reaching between 14 to 20 pounds when they are fully mature.

17. Minskin

The Minskin cat breed is one of the strangest looking cats in the world. They are a cross of the Sphinx and Munchkin cats. They have the appearance of a Sphinx, but in a miniature dwarf-like version. They are extremely short legged and they are hairless for the most part. Some of them have tiny patches of fur around the nose, feet and tail which make it even more bizarre in appearance. These cats are among the most playful though. They truly enjoy being held by their owners. They make such great family pets because they get along so well with children and other household pets. They love to chase their toys and stalk their prey, which makes them highly entertaining and fun to be around.

18. Ocicat

The Ocicat is another extremely weird looking cat that is white in color with an assortment of colored spots. They do resemble a sickly looking Ocelot. This cat is the result of breeding domestic sort haired cats with Siamese and Abyssinian breeds. This cat breed has a highly social personality and they enjoy being around people, including children as well as other pets. They are very playful and are easy to train for leash walking, games of fetch, and other things that you would expect from a dog.

19. Lykoi

The Lykoi is one of the most unique looking cats on our list. It really does look like a werewolf. Their fur is a lot like the coat of an opossum with the same appearance and texture. This is because of the mutations that occurred in their genetics form breeding a variety of domestic cats. Their appearance is really a bit disturbing, but the Lykois are really very sweet in disposition. They are very friendly cats that make great family pets.

20. Khao Manee

This breed is a native of the Philippines. It is a very unusual looking cat, but it is also quite beautiful. They have the most strange looking eyes. The colors are usually either green or blue, but with this breed, it is very common for them to have one of each color, which is pretty freaky. Aside from this, they are very smart. They have a muscular build along with lots of energy, and they love to play with their owners. The white color of their fur is quite striking and they are a loving and communicative breed.

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