The 20 Best Cat Breeds for Getting Along with Dogs

We have all heard the expression “They are fighting like cats and dogs”, right? We often assume as pet owners far and wide that cats and dogs just generally do not get along when in the same setting, that they are mortal enemies, and this is true to some extent. We have seen throughout the media and just through tall tales that dogs and cats just don’t get along, and we’ve held that same stance on the matter up until recent years.

However, there are actually many breeds of cats, and dogs, that get along with each other quite swimmingly, even becoming the best of friends in their own homes. This is why we are here. In this article, we are going to count down the top twenty of the best breeds of cats that can get along exceptionally well with dogs during their lifetime. With that said, let’s get down to our list and decipher which pets will become life long friends in your home.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail, which is most well known for its unique look and shortened tail, is also a very energetic and active cat to have in the home. First originating in Japan (as per their name), this is a breed of cat that tends to have more dog like mannerisms (as will many of the other cats in this list); In fact, the Japanese Bobtail will even go splashing in water and will also play a game of fetch from time to time. With such a fun loving and eager temperament, they make wonderful playmates for families with children as well as families or owners who have a dog in the home.

Maine Coon

This is a breed of cat that is often on the larger side of the spectrum when it comes to size, and it is equally seen within its personality as well. The Maine Coon is a cat that is often very self confident, independent, and very curious when it comes to its surroundings. They also tend to exhibit dog like behavior as well, willing to play a game of fetch or play other games with their family members and even other pets that are in the home. Along with their playful and energetic side, the Maine Coon can also be a very calm in their temperament, making them perfect for snuggling after a long day.

American Shorthair

This is a breed of cat that you will see in many homes all throughout the nation, and possibly even throughout the world as well. The American Shorthair is known for its very social, and almost dog like, behavior that it exhibits on a daily basis, especially toward its family and other pets that may be in the home. However, even with all of the friendliness and playfulness that they have, they also know how to stand their ground, and let others know who is in charge. They also like to have their own independent time every once in a while, but for the majority of the time, they will show off their exuberance with other dogs that might be in the home.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This is another medium to larger sized domestic cat that can rough around with the best of them. First originating in Norway (hence the name), the Norwegian Forest Cat has a thicker and silky coat that makes them look majestic and fierce. This is a type of cat that can take charge when playing with other canines that may be present, but their fun loving and friendly personality makes them amazing additions to homes of families with young children and other pets as well. They do possess the strength to tell off anyone when they have had enough play time, but for the most part, they are ready and willing to have a little fun. On a side note, the Norwegian Forest Cat does even better personality and behavior wise when they are raised in the same home from the get go, as they adapt and learn from their family members and owners from a very young age.


First originating in the Siberian regions of Russia, this cat breed has adapted to colder temperatures with its long and thick coat and robust body. The Siberian will often have a playful and fun loving personality that can take on the best of them. With their powerful and muscular bodies, they can also take on larger dogs, often leading the pack when it comes to games and even getting in a little bit of trouble. However, the Siberian is also one who likes to have their own “me” time, and can get a slightly flustered if interrupted by other pets or family members. Make sure to give them their own space when they need it, and get ready for a whole lot of love.

Ragdoll Cat


Another medium to large sized cat on the list, the Ragdoll has many different aspects to its personality that makes it a wonderful addition to the family. They are very gentle creatures the majority of the time, often loving to relax with their family and their people after a long day. However, they are also quite playful cats as well, and exhibit dog like characteristics when it comes to their temperament; In fact, the Ragdoll is even a type of cat that can be trained to walk with a leash on if you want to take them out for a stroll with their canine friends. This contributes to their ability to get along with people and other dogs alike, and makes them ideal for those with other pets in the home.

Turkish Angora

Often known for their incredible intelligence, the Turkish Angora is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. First originating in Turkey, this is a medium to larger sized cat that features a long and silky coat, making it look more like a cat breed that would prefer to relax and sleep all day long. On the contrary, the Turkish Angora has quite an energetic temperament when it comes to their behavior, and when paired with their intelligence, they can often get themselves into quite a bit of mischief. You will often see these cats trying to play tricks on fellow pets, especially dogs, within the home. Nevertheless, they can make wonderful pets to have when you have other animals as well.


This shorthaired breed of cat is well known for its muscular yet agile physique. The Tonkinese also features a very friendly and affectionate personality that compliments their playful behavior to a T. They are also a breed of cat, just like so many others on our list, that tend to show more dog like mannerisms when it comes to their play time, happily engaging in a game of fetch or other activities with their doggie friends. The Tonkinese will also willingly follow around both people and other pets, wanting to be near and dear to others the majority of the time. With all of these features that they possess, the Tonkinese is definitely a great option for a busy and full house.


When it comes to the Birman cat breed, looks can most certainly be deceiving. With its silky and beautiful coat, this medium sized cat can take on many different facades. Yes, they do love their down time, relaxing along and being independent. However, the Birman also loves to play many different games, even those that you would often see a dog partaking in. This breed of cat is exceptionally good at playing games of pursuit, hunting for toys and engaging in a game of fetch or two. They will also actively play games of chase with other pets in the home, showing off their speed and agility that lies beneath the surface. If you are looking for a cat that can play just like your pups that you have, the Birman is definitely an excellent choice.

Turkish Van

Another breed of cat that originates from Turkey, the Turkish Van has an exuberant yet sophisticated temperament that makes them great family pets. They tend to get along very well with other animals in the home; However, they do prefer to be independent and to set the standard when it comes to play time. This energetic feline is also known for its insane love of playing in the water, which makes them seem more dog like than anything else. This along with their other dog like qualities make them great additions to the home for those who have other dogs or pets that require a lot of energy and play time as well.


The Bengal breed of cat is most well known for its unique patterns that can be seen on their fur, giving them an almost exotic look for a domesticated cat. Along with this, the Bengal also has a very agile physique that makes them perfect for active play throughout the majority of their day. This muscular stature, along with their intelligence, makes them great play time companions for dogs and their humans alike. However, after playtime is over, these cats show off their intense affection for their families, wanting to simply cuddle on the couch after all that activity. Needless to say, the Bengal cat is an excellent breed for those families that want excitement and affection wrapped up into one little furry ball.


The Abyssinian is a breed of cat that is also very social and warms up to new people, and pets, with the greatest of ease. Along with this social aspect to their personality, they are very energetic and playful cats that love to engage in games and other adventures. They agile physique also helps them to be more playful and ready to run around with other pups that you may have in the home. They can often be found running around at tops speeds, engaging in games of chase from time to time. If you bring a Abyssinian into your home, be ready for a cat that loves constant interaction and affection on a daily basis.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a type of cat that is known for its unique look, which has been described as almost pixie like in a way. With its large ears, small head, and agile body, it is definitely a cat with interesting looks. However, their agile bodies allow for them to have intense energy throughout the day, and along with their dog like characteristics, they make excellent companions for other pets in the home. You will often find the Cornish Rex fetching and retrieving their toys, as well as taking part in a game of chase thanks to their amazing speed. This, along with their affection, makes them a wonderful cat to have in the family.


This is yet another type of cat breed on our list that exhibits those dog like mannerisms that we are seeing frequently on our list. The Bombay is a very active and energetic type of cat, and will willingly take part in a game of fetch or tag with their family members or other pets that are in the home as well. Along with this enthusiastic side to their temperament, the Bombay is also a very affectionate cat, and will become quite attached to their family members throughout their lifetime. Be prepared for these cats to follow you around throughout the day, making sure they never lose sight of your or even the family dog. If you want a breed of cat that can show off in all sides of the spectrum, then the Bombay might just be the best choice for your family.

European Burmese

The European Burmese is a type of cat breed that is quite similar to that of the Siamese cat breed, which we will discuss later in this count down. These types of cats are very clever when it comes to their intelligence, as well as being friendly felines, making them almost irresistible, especially when you hear their sweet and soft voices. The European Burmese is also a very energetic cat, as are many on our list. This energy that they exhibit makes them perfect for play time, especially with other toys, and they are also very fun loving creatures toward their owners and other pets that live in the home. With their sophisticated look, which compliments their calm and playful demeanor, the European Burmese cat is an excellent choice for your busy home.

Devon Rex

Similarly to the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex has that unique, pixie like look about them, most notably within their ears. The Devon Rex is also a very social and affectionate cat, and they will often become quite attached to their families as the years go on. Along with this affectionate side, they are also very fun loving and energetic, which compliments their agile and muscular body frame. They are also extremely intelligent, and can learn new tricks right along with their doggie brothers and sisters in the home. This goes hand in hand with their dog like mannerisms, which we also saw when looking at their cousin breed, the Cornish Rex.

Siamese Cat

As we mentioned previously, the Siamese Cat breed is quite similar to that of the European Burmese breed when it comes to several characteristics. For many pet owners and cat lovers, the Siamese cat breed is often seen as something of sophistication and beauty, but they most certainly have a lot more to offer when it comes to their personality. These cats are very affectionate toward their people, and will become quite attached due to that intense affection that they possess.

The Siamese cat is also extremely intelligent, and does best with puzzle like games and toys in the home to stimulate their curiosity. Along with this, the Siamese cat can also be quite an energetic feline, and so play time during the day is a must, whether it be with its people or with the doggie brother or sister in the home. With that said, if you are looking for ultimate interaction for your family and some of the other pets in your home, the Siamese cat is an excellent choice.


The Sphynx breed of cat is, without a doubt, the most unique cat in terms of looks that we see in our society today. With their hairless and agile frames, along with their large ears and small heads, they appear to look almost pixie like as well, similar to that of the Rex breeds. These cats are also very demanding of attention, and see affection from their owners day in and day out. Aside from this affection, however, the Sphynx is also quite intelligent, which aids to their curiosity that they have for many things.

They are also very social animals, and will happily greet and play with many different people and animals, including that of dogs. If you are looking for a cat that craves attention all day long and will do anything in their willpower to get it, then the Sphynx may just be the best choice for you and your family.

Scottish Fold

This is yet another breed on our list that exhibits a unique physical features that allows them to stand out from the rest, and this is their ears. The Scottish Fold is known for just that, its folded down ears, that gives them a different look in general. Aside from their ears, the Scottish Fold is a very clever and very affectionate cat, allowing them to become attached to their owners quite easily. They are not quite as active as some of the other cat breeds on our list, but only lose the contest by a fraction. They still love to engage in playtime with their people and other animals in the home, but they also like to have their own down time to themselves as well. Keep this in mind before going full force in looking for that perfect cat for your home full of other pets. Regardless, the Scottish Fold can be an excellent choice for your home if you are looking for a fun loving and sensible addition for your family.


With a similar look and personality to that of the Ragdoll breed that we talked about previously in our list, the Ragamuffin is a type of cat that is an exceptional addition for a home with a big family and other pets in the mix. This medium to large sized cat is very affectionate with its people, and becomes attached quite easily. Don’t be surprised if you see them follow you around throughout the day, making sure you aren’t out of their sight. They are also very keen to play with their toys and engage in energetic behavior from time to time, although the majority of the time, they are quite docile creatures. With their affectionate and gentle personality mixed with their fun loving demeanor, this gentle giant and its dog like behavior makes it a wonderful choice for a companion for your pooch.


There is something to be said about an animal that is social and fun loving enough to find comradery in any form, even if it is a dog. Although there are many other breeds that are potentially excellent companions (in any sense of the word) for the other pets you have in your home, we have found the top twenty cat breeds that are the most willing to play with the best of them. From dog like characteristics to agility, and even to their downright clever intelligence, there are many things that contribute to having the right stuff to be a dog’s best friend, and it seems as though these breeds have proven their worth. If you are interested in any of the cats that we have mentioned in our list today, you can find more information on them online or from your local vet clinic. We have officially concluded our list of the top twenty cat breeds that are best for getting along with dogs.

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