Man Who Didn’t Like Cats Finds Tiny Kitten Hiding Under His Car


Imagine what it would be like to be less than fond of a certain type of animal, cats for instance, only to find an incredibly tiny one curled up inside the rim of your tire one morning. That is precisely what happened to one man who recently adopted a scared, underweight cat that he eventually named Luna. As it turns out, it’s now hard to see who helped whom the most. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

A Tiny Soul In Need Of Help

When Luna was found she was very young an extremely underweight. She was literally curled up inside the rim of a tire one morning, probably looking for whatever small amount of shelter she could find from the cold. No one knows exactly how she got there, but when she was found by the individual who is now her owner, there was only one thought on his mind. She was a helpless creature in a great deal of danger because of the cold. He openly admits that he has never before considered himself a cat person, yet he decided to take her in and do everything he could to help her throughout the night. Luna was cold and shivering. The thing that was even more concerning was that she was obviously very frightened of everything and everybody, yet she didn’t seem to be strong enough to resist anyone. Perhaps she was just so cold that she allowed him to handle her when she normally wouldn’t have let anyone get within ten paces of her. Whatever the reason was, she did allow it that one time, and that was enough to get her inside where she could find the warmth and care that she so desperately needed.

The First Night

Unfortunately, not every person who sees an animal in need is willing to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done in order to provide assistance when it’s needed the most. Thankfully, that is not the case here. Luna was taken inside where she could start to get warm. She was absolutely filthy, so she was bathed. The man who would eventually become her new dad even went to the store and bought cat food so that she could eat. He also gave her plenty of water to drink, all with the intention of taking her to the veterinarian the next morning in order to make sure that she was healthy. When it might have seemed easier to simply look the other way, Luna’s new family chose to do the only real thing that a person could do in this situation; help her. After all, there was no one else around to help. She was clearly a very young kitten but somehow, she had become separated from her mother and her littermates. To this day, no one knows what happened to any of them, only that she wound up hiding inside the rim of her dad’s tire, tucked so far up underneath the car that it was almost impossible to see her. It was a miracle that she was seen and not injured.

A Visit To The Veterinarian

The next morning, Luna was taken to the veterinarian for a complete checkup. She was so small, so underweight that it was almost scary. Despite that fact, the veterinarian gave her a clean bill of health, saying that she was actually quite healthy and doing well, aside from the need to gain weight. From that point forward, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Luna would simply come back to live with her new dad. There wasn’t any internal discussion about adopting her out or taking her to an animal shelter where she could potentially spend the rest of her life. There was just something special about her that made her stand out. Even though her owner never even dreamed of owning a cat, he suddenly couldn’t see his life moving forward without her.

A Special Bond

There is no doubt that a special bond exists between Luna and her owner. In fact, the person who says he never liked cats and the cat who was so afraid of everything are now so close that they are scarcely ever apart. There was a time when Luna would hear his footsteps and go hide under the bed. Now, she curls up and sleeps right next to him while he’s driving. She wants to be with him at every turn, and he with her. There is definitely something to be said about the bond between human and pet. Past research has shown that a special bond with a pet has a number of benefits, including better self-esteem, lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system. By all accounts, that bond works wonders for the pet as well. One only has to look at Luna’s behavior prior to getting to know her new dad as opposed to the way she behaves now. There was a time when she was literally scared of her own shadow. Something as simple as drinking water would send her into a fit of panic. Now, she is a happy cat who loves to play. Most of all, she loves to be cuddled and she doesn’t run from footsteps anymore. There are times when people make the decision to go out and adopt an animal and then there are other times when animals seem to find the person that they want to spend the rest of their life with completely on their own. Even when the individual in question isn’t searching for a pet, it can be a beautiful relationship. In fact, those are the relationships that are sometimes the best. Isn’t it funny how the things that people never seem to think they are looking for are often the very things that they find most rewarding? Perhaps Luna knew what she was doing all along and she was just waiting for her dad to realize it.

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