Internet Up in Arms Over a Cat Who “Potty Trained” Himself


Have you ever wondered why cats are secretive? You will hardly catch them mating or pooping where everyone is watching. But that narrative has since changed as more cat owners are engrossed in daily activities. One of the most interesting discoveries that went viral was a cat who taught himself to use a toilet. It’s not every day that the internet is up in arms over a cat who “potty trained” himself, but this one will leave you in stitches. So, how did he do it? Read on to find out.

How did a cat learn to use the bathroom instead of his litter box?

According to Newsweek, a user Tunalemon, shared a photo of a cat sitting in the bathroom while relieving himself on Reddit with a caption: “Finding out that my cat potty trained himself.” He did his business while staring at the camera, leaving everyone in stitches. The picture garnered more than 13,000 upvotes. Many Reddit users came across the photo and couldn’t hide their excitement as they joked about how it was possible. One of them commented that her cat always peed and pooped on houseplants. Others were curious how a cat would choose to use a toilet instead of their litter boxes, so they found it abnormal. To satisfy their curiosity, the cat owner replied to their comments. He said that his cat repeatedly followed him to the toilet and waited until he was finished. He also reminded his followers that his busy lifestyle doesn’t allow him to potty-train his cat, so this interesting discovery took him by surprise. With time, he learned that he could also use the toilet, despite being an outdoor cat. Newsweek also became curious about this cat and couldn’t wait to reach out to Tunalemon to share more details about how the cat chose the bathroom instead of the litterbox. Tunalemon responded by saying cats are excellent students, like dogs. They can learn various tricks with good training and positive reinforcements. The user also commented that not every cat can learn this trick, particularly those dealing with trauma or slow learners. But if yours is a confident and happy cat, you’ll have no problem training them.

Finding out that my cat potty trained himself from mildlyinteresting

Can cats learn to “potty train” themselves?

If you’ve ever watched the comedy film Meet the Parents, the first thing that surprises you is the cat called Mr. Jinx, who learned how to use the bathroom. The movie inspired many people, including Jo Lapidge, who started teaching her cat, Doogie, to use the bathroom. Several months later, Lapidge designed a potty-training tray for cats, which sold worldwide. The tray consists of four color-coded trays that can fit the toilet’s rim. She aimed to make it fun, so cats would learn to use the toilet often. There is a litter tray that can fit over the toilet seat, preventing your cat from slipping. Once your cat gets used to using this new box on the toilet, you can feel free to proceed to the next stage. As your cat keeps growing or learning how to use the bathroom, you can replace the first tray with one with gaps in the middle. It would help if you also swapped out the gaps so your cat acclimatizes to it. Surprisingly, some Redditors weren’t convinced by this, and one commented that their cat drinks from the toilet, insinuating that the method was impractical.

What are the repercussions of teaching a cat to use the toilet?

While the photo of Tunamelon’s cat sitting on a toilet seems cute, it has downsides. It will be in your best interest to know if it’s a wise decision. Here are some reasons not to train your cat to use the bathroom.

1. Cats have their agility limits

According to Preventive Vet, cats have powerful claws that allow them to perch on anything, including the edge of a toilet bowl to pee. However, their agility is limited. Suppose you leave the toilet lid closed. In that case, they might go elsewhere to do their business. Also, if you leave the seat up, your cat can easily fall inside. The last thing you need is a cat drenched in toilet water, especially if you aren’t around to clean them.

2. They will need access more than anyone else

Unlike humans, cats don’t have strong bowel control. If your cat wants to use the toilet, it will need the “right of way” even if you’re pressed. Even worse is if someone leaves the toilet door closed. What will your cat do in that case? They pee on your houseplants, carpet, shoes, etc. A cat who can’t access the toilet will likely suffer emotional distress, and that’s the last thing you need. Your only bet is to get a litter box or train them to go outside to prevent the distress.

3. Jumping over the toilet can be stressful in some instances

You already know that your cat jumps over the toilet seat to do their business. What if they had surgery, injury, or arthritis? That means they can’t jump. It will force you to get a litter box with lower sides to manage their problem, and it will be too late to teach them new tricks.

4. It goes against their instincts

Cats are wired to bury their poop so other animals won’t detect their scents. That instinct prevails even in bigger cats like lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Unfortunately, your cat isn’t in the wild, but that doesn’t mean you rob their instinctual behavior. If your cat uses the toilet, they might feel distressed because they don’t get to bury their waste.


According to BCSPCA, cats are born with the instinct to use litter boxes. They inherit these instincts from their mothers, making litter boxes practical. But if you find scooping litter boxes cumbersome, you can train them to use the toilet. But remember that doing the latter needs extra discipline and vigorous training to prevent your cat from getting stressed.

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