Did You Know That Cornish Rex Kittens Are Some of The Most Intelligent Kittens in the World?


When it comes to intelligence you will have a hard time finding a smarter cat breed than the Cornish Rex.  While most cats are bright animals, the Cornish Rex stands out from the rest.  First recognized in the United Kingdom, this super smart cat has become a favorite over the years.  Now widely breed in both the UK and the United States, the Cornish Rex can be found in many households.  While a fairly new cat breed which was first recognized in the 1960’s it didn’t take long for the Cornish Rex to become popular.

What Are the Characteristics of the Cornish Rex That makes Them So Special

We have already learned that the Cornish Rex is super intelligent; did you know that you can teach Cornish Rex Kittens to fetch?  But when you have this much intelligence rolled up into one animal they can often get into trouble.  Even a closed door isn’t off limits to the Cornish Rex and if you are not careful they can even sneak out of the house.  This makes Cornish Rex Kittens especially hard to keep up with. But if you provide enough enrichment for these bright animals it will keep them out of trouble.      Excellent jumpers, the Cornish Rex can scale walls in a single bound.  If properly trained, the Cornish Rex can even preform jumping tricks that will amaze your friends and family members alike.

So What Special Care Does The Cornish Rex Need To Thrive?

Daily grooming will help keep your Cornish Rex coat looking smooth and silky.  By simply brushing them once a day you will remove any loose hair.  This will also help prevent hairballs which can be a very aggravating problem.  But unlike some cats that can leave clumps of hair all over your furniture, the Cornish Rex has very fine hair that won’t show up very well.

Once Cornish Rex Kittens get there full set of teeth you should brush them at least a few times a week.  This will help prevent periodontal disease which can really damage your cat’s teeth and gums. Another area of the Cornish Rex’s body that should be closely monitored is the ears.  Dirty ears may lead to ear infections so make sure to wipe them out with a warm cloth at least once a week.  Make sure to do this very gently because you don’t want to damage the inner ear.  If you follow these simple grooming tips you will have a happy and healthy cat for life.

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