So How do Cats Purr Anyway?

Pensive Cat

If you re a cat lover like I am, you have probably wondered, how do Cats Purr?  This has been the question of many debates over the years and it’s actually still a mystery.  While we have a good idea of how they do it we cannot be completely sure.  Scientists have long study this amazing phenomena and have come up with a theory as to how a cat purrs.  Using special equipment they have monitored felines that are actually engaged in this action.  What they have come up with, is that, they think they use their larynx in combination with their throat muscles to create the vibrating sound.

No Matter how it is performed, this is one of The Reason We Love These Animals

While we may never know the real cause, purring is one of the reasons why we love these animals so much.  There is nothing more soothing to hear and feel this sound when you are cuddling your feline friend.  As a child, I often loved to hold my pet just for this reason.  Many people believe that they do this as a sign of affection and love.  It’s a real joy to lie in bed at night up against your pet and have them sooth you to sleep with this amazing vibration.  Some people even feel that this noise has therapeutic properties and you will find many felines inside of nursing homes and hospitals.  Both blood pressure and heart rate have been noted as being lowered after coming into contact with one of these purring felines.

Not only Do Felines Purr but So Do other Animals

Many of you are aware that felines can perform this amazing feat.  But did you know there are other animals in the world that can purr too?  In fact, there are quite a few of them that can vibrate their vocal cords in this manner. If you have ever owned a rabbit or a guinea pig you probably already know this.  Both of these tiny animals can purr very similarly to felines.  But I bet you didn’t know that elephants and gorillas can too.  While these very large animals have a much louder and deeper vibration they too have been known to perform this action.  So the next time you go to the Zoo, why not check out these animals and see if you can hear them making this noise.

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