20 Cat Mom Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just over a week away and that means it’s time to remember the wonderful mothers in our lives. It’s also time to remember the moms with ‘fur’ babies, too. Just because a woman might not have human children does not mean she doesn’t consider herself a mother to her cat, and that means her feline baby better get to shopping. And since cats aren’t that great with the credit card, or driving, or online shopping, you might want to help out and do a little gift-giving of your own so that the cat mom in your life doesn’t feel left out. Here are some great cat mom gift ideas for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations.

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Paw Impression

You can do this for the cat mom in your life and win some seriously happy points from her on Mother’s Day. What you’ll need to do is take an impression of the cat’s paw print in some artistic solution – you can pick and choose between several different designs at the local craft store – and maybe add a cute saying to the print to give to mom on her special day. It’s sweet and it’s simple and it’s really affordable in so many ways.

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Designer Cat Carrier

What cat mom doesn’t want a designer cat carrier? Something that’s gorgeous and pretty and that will really make her feel like a styling and profiling mom when she’s taking her little friend to the vet or out on vacation will really make her day. Not saying all cat moms are into vanity items, but it’s always nice to have a little something special to give to her that she might never consider giving to herself on a holiday like this one.

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A Photo Book

What cat mom doesn’t love the idea of a photo book of her cat? You can use an online service or your local photo shop to add photos to a custom book that she can look at whenever she wants. It’s sweet and gorgeous, and she’s going to love it. We really think she’s going to love a compilation of photos of her favorite cat or cats from over the years, from the time she adopted them to the time she took them on vacation to everything in between. It’s a thoughtful gift.

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Artistic Rendering of the Cat

Did you know you can take a photo of a cat and submit it online or in person to artists across the country (think Etsy for references) and have them turned into gorgeous artistic renderings that can be framed and hung up in your home? it’s a very sweet and very uncommon gift that someone in your family is going to love more than just about anything. It’s not a usual gift, so someone is going to feel that it’s worth the time and effort it took to think this through, and that means brownie points for you.

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Personalized Cat Mom Necklace

Sites such as Etsy and even Instagram are filled with designers and shops that make things like this, and you can find one and have a custom, personalize necklace made for the cat mom in your life. It’s sweet and it’s fun, and you can have just about any design you feel is appropriate for the cat mom in your life. We love this idea because it is such a good one, and we really think that the cat mom in your life is going to appreciate this very much. She’s going to adore having something this unique and wonderful to call her own, and you’re going to feel good about it.

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A Fun Cat-Theme Shirt

Have you checked out sites like Etsy and other online shops for fun shirts that say something about being a cat mom or expressing a love of cats? They are so cute and so much fun that your cat mom is sure to love having one in her own closet. We feel she will see this as a great way to enjoy her role as a cat mom, and there is nothing wrong with wearing her love of cats on her clothing. It’s fun and it’s cute, and the more creative the saying on the shirt, the better.

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Cat Card

Sometimes all your cat mom needs is a card that says, “You’re awesome and I love you,” because it’s often the concept that you took the time to think of her in any way, shape or form that makes her feel good. This is especially true if you have no human children and she’s not expecting that you will even remember her on a day that’s typically reserved for moms with actual human beings for kids. We think it’s a sweet idea and we’re pretty sure it’s going to make a big difference in her life.

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Photo Locket

Sometimes simple jewelry is the best kind. Your cat mom is going to love a sweet picture of her little feline love put into a locket she can wear or carry with her when she’s out and about. Remember when we said that cats aren’t just for looks? They’re for love and affection, and we feel that your cat mom understands that this is her little baby, no matter that it’s not a human. Go ahead and get one of these and she’s going to appreciate you for a lifetime, even more than she already does.

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Photo Frame

A photo frame is a great gift for a cat mom, especially if it’s one that has a cat theme to it. Although, it does not have to have a cat theme to it, either. It can be something classic and elegant that will go with the type of décor she chooses to display in her office or home, and it can just have a picture of the cat in it. In fact, we’re going to give you some serious bonus points if you make the picture of the cat one that was professionally taken by a professional photographer. She will never see that one coming.

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Allergen-Filtering Vacuum

Cats shed. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat, which means that your cat mom is probably one who spends a great deal of time with the vacuum. It’s the only way to get allergens out of the carpet and off the furniture, so why not invest in a great vacuuming designed specifically for getting rid of allergens that otherwise make your life kind of miserable? We love the idea, and it’s one that makes us happier than you might be able to imagine.

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gift card

Gift Card

Sometimes the best way to say, “I love you,” is with a gift card. It should be to her favorite place, whether it’s a restaurant, a spa or a shop. The cat knows that momma sometimes needs a little bit of love of her own, and we think that this is a great way to show off that love and affection. And also, gift cards are never wrong. Some people say they’re impersonal, but I feel that they are the most personal gift since you can actually get what you want, and that’s always appreciated.

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A Personalized Cat Tote

If you don’t make it a habit to browse the adorable shops on Etsy for random things, you’re not doing life the right way. You will find a myriad of personalized cat totes on there that are so much fun, so hilarious and so cute that the cat mom in your life is going to absolutely need one in her life as soon as possible. And since Mother’s Day is just over a week away, we think that it’s time to go ahead and get one for her right now. Please, do it; she’ll love it.

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A Fun Cat Mug

We’re not talking about the cheesy kind you get at a cheesy store, either. We are talking about the kind of cat mug that is actually really fun and fabulous, and the kind that you have to special order and have made and shipped and customized. Again, your best bet for something like this is going to be a site on Etsy. You can just do a quick internet search for this and find great results in a matter of seconds, and we highly recommend that you do.

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Who doesn’t love flowers on any holiday? We love the idea of sending flowers to someone special that you love and adore, and we think that mom’s deserve flowers on Mother’s Day. We also think that a great idea is to get some flowers for the mom in your life that includes a fun cat themed vase. You get some extra points for thinking outside the box and making the little extra effort, which is always appreciated.

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A Soft Blanket

Cats are notorious for wanting to lie on the laps of their loved ones, so why not get the cat mom in your life a soft, lovely blanket under which she and the cat can cuddle and enjoy a quiet evening from time to time. If you want to step up your cat’s gift giving game, you can throw in a bottle of mom’s favorite wine with this gift so that it really invites her to spend a comfortable evening doing something she really loves and enjoys. If you’re lucky, she might invite you to join the party.

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Travel Cat Mug

Okay, we did already suggest a mug, but we were suggesting a ceramic mug to use at home. This one is for the traveling cat mom, and the same rules apply. Go online and find a fun shop that makes custom mugs that you can travel with and have it created for the cat mom you love most. You can even go a little crazy and add some glitter to your order to make it even more fun and fabulous, since we just love and adore this idea as a whole.

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Donation to Her Favorite Animal Charity

Here’s another thought. There are people in the world that love cats more than just about anything. And we love that. What we love even more about that is that these are the people who might not want a gift for themselves. In fact, these are the people who will love a donation made in their name to their favorite cat cause or charity or local shelter. This is a thoughtful gift that will really inspire others to see what is needed in life.

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Wall Art

Again, head straight to Etsy for something fun like a burlap print that says something like, “You had me from meow,” and order it for the cat mom in your life. She’s going to love how cute and fun it is, and she’s going to think that a gift like this is particularly special, since it is particularly special. We love the gift of art, especially when it’s a little bit kitschy and fun like this wall art print is to those who love their cats.

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Cat Welcome Mat

What’s more fun than a welcome mat with a cat on it that your cat loving mom can use at home? She can put it anywhere she wants and have a great time with it, and that’s why we love the concept as a whole. She is going to adore this gift because it is a little personal, a lot sweet and very thoughtful as a whole. Go ahead, go there and make her happy.

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cat bed

Kitty Bed

Moms know that cats like to get in their bed at night, so why not do her a big favor and get the cat a bed of its own? And we are not talking about a regular, cheap cat bed either. We are talking about an expensive, beautiful, lovely cat bed she’d never buy on her own. It’s going to give her cat a nice place to sleep and it’s going to give her a bit more comfort in the middle of the night since the cat won’t be waking her up. Go for it.

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