The Five Best Cat Litters for Reducing Odors

One of the biggest challenges, and possibly even dreaded job of being a cat owner, is managing the litterbox. Probably every cat owner has had their share of struggles with trying to find the right litter for their feline. Most cat owners will tell you that they want a litter that is not messy, easy to clean, and most of all, reduces odor so that the whole house does not reek of your cat’s bathroom habits.

Litter comes in a variety of types, all of which claim to do very similar things, and one is, that they all want you to believe theirs is the best for reducing odor. Well, the best judges for which litter reduces odors best, would be those that buy and use these brands of litter, and there are some that get very high ratings among cat owners. If you have been looking for the best litters to help reduce odors, then keep reading. Here are the five best cat litters for reducing odors.

5. Naturally Fresh – $14.09

Sometimes fresh is best, and that goes for kitty litter, too. Unlike clay litter, Naturally Fresh is a natural cat litter that clumps easily and is easy to clean. It claims to be super absorbent, and because it is, you will only need one bag of the litter, where for the other typical litters that are made of clay, you would typically go through three bags before you would, a 14lb bag of Naturally Fresh.

If you have ever had to clean a litterbox, then you probably know the amount of dust that can spread through the air from filling the pan, or your kitty scratching in it. With Naturally Fresh, you don’t get the dust. This means easier breathing for both you and your cat, and bonus, this litter won’t stick to your cat’s paws, which means no more tracking litter through your house. But the biggest selling point for this litter is the triple-action enzymes that are used to help control the odor. It neutralizes the fecal and urine ammonia odors immediately as soon as it comes in contact with the litter. It is 100% all-natural and environmentally-friendly. Your cat, your nose, and the environment will thank you for using this litter.

4. Clump and Seal – $19.99

Arm & Hammer knows a thing or two about smells, which is why their Clump and Seal kitty litter has been a favorite litter among cat owners. Clump and Seal can lock in the smells of the your cat’s litterbox odors and make your home smell fresh and litter-free. When your cat uses the litterbox, this litter immediately absorbs the odor as it forms a clump around the urine and feces and holds on to it to eliminate it from the breathable air.

That’s because there are 10% more odor eliminators used in this litter, making the litter odor control strong, yet the scent it releases is light and fresh. The litter comes in an easy-to-carry and pour box. It’s also 100% dust-free, which means better breathing for you and your feline. If you like the idea of rock-hard clumps that are easy to clean out of the box, and no more smelly litter to deal with, you can order a box.

3. Tidy Cat – $16.68

Purina is a big pet brand that has many different products for your pets. One product, their Tidy Cats litter, is one of the best rated litters for eliminating odors from your cat box. The company uses cutting-edge technology to design a litter that works hard to fight all the strong smells that your cat leaves behind in his litterbox.

The all-natural clay and mineral product with a deodorizing system, is a litter that clumps immediately once your cat does his business. It immediately goes to work forming a tight clump around the urine and feces to lock away the smell, which also means that cleaning the box is easy and less messy for you. Your cat will appreciate that there is no moisture left behind for next time he visits his box, and you’ll appreciate not having to smell his box, every time he gets out of it. The litter is not 100% dust-free, like some of the others, but it is 99.6% dust-free, which means there is definitely a reduction in dusty residue that many litter brands leave behind.

2. Fresh Step – $31.99

Fresh Step has a litter that is designed with activated carbon traps that inhibit the smells that are caused by bacteria from your cat’s urine and feces. The litter will actually prevent the bacteria from producing odors for up to ten whole days, giving you ample time to clean the box without having to worry about the trail of cat box odor in your home.

The litter clumps around the cat’s urine and feces and locks the odor away as it absorbs any moisture and liquid left by your cat. Many cat owners love the way the clumps can be lifted away without crumbling during cleanings, and when your cat scratches at the litter to cover up his duty, his paws activate the fresh scent that is in the litter, which is the only thing that will let you know your cat just used his litterbox.

1. Breeze – $36.99

The bag may seem smaller than many, but this 3.5lb pouch contains powerful litter. This litter is not the typical clay litter that most are. Breeze is actually a bag of cat litter pellets that actually allow urine to pass through them as its means of odor control When it comes to feces, the pellets dehydrate the solid waste material, which means that there is no tracking.

It’s a unique kitty litter and gets a lot of positive feedback from cat owners, who also say that it is quick and easy to clean, and almost completely dust-free. If you think pellets might be a better option and means of odor control in your litterbox, you can purchase a bag for $36.99.

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