Lost Cat Found Sitting Next To His Own “Lost Cat” Poster

Cats are chaotic creatures capable of performing zany stunts that keep us in shock and awe, but mostly we’re entertained. They’re a lot of fun when they’re not causing us to pull our hair out. We were reminded of how amusing cats can be when we saw an article that featured a cat sitting by a missing cat poster of himself. The photo appeared on Twitter. Little is known about the cat or its owners, but it sums up the chaotic world they can create for their families. It’s likely that the cat went on hiatus then returned home on his own. There are many possible scenarios we could imagine. There is a stark reality that we all as cat owners must face. Thousands of pet felines go missing each year. Not all of them have the good fortune of making it back to a loving home.

Why are cats so unpredictable?

It’s tough to gauge what your cat is going to do from one minute to another. One moment he may be affectionate and loving and the next he may try to bite you or give you the cold shoulder. Cats can shift from a sedentary state to jumping high in the air or even rushing out the door and down the street before you can do anything to stop them. What makes them behave so unpredictably?

Cats run away without any provocation

According to Medium, cats are driven by their hormones. Feline emotions rise and fall per their pheromones that affect emotional bonds and social behavior. Your cat may get a bright idea to go off and explore the neighborhood. If you usually prevent him from going outside, he may race past you. In his mind, it’s all a game. He doesn’t stop to think about the potential dangers. He also doesn’t stop to think about the fact that you leave for work at a certain time, or lock the doors and go to sleep at a set time either. When he’s out doing his own thing, he is on his own schedule. Cats think it’s okay to come home when they’re good and ready. It can become a problem, however, when they encounter problems on their adventures.

If your cat goes on a walkabout, it doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong. His natural curiosity is at work and he wants to know more about the world around him. Cats, after all, are very curious creatures. If cats leave a loving and healthy home, they tend to return once they’ve had their fun, but some of the less fortunate ones may become lost, hurt, or even killed. There are multiple dangers away from the safety of the home. If a cat wants to leave bad enough it’s nearly impossible to contain them forever, so most of us are likely to experience a scare when the kitty wanders off. Most come home, but some do not.

What to do if your cat runs away

If your cat does disappear, the best thing you can do is search your property to make sure he isn’t hiding in the yard. Look for him in a radius of a few blocks of the house to make sure he isn’t visiting a neighbor or frolicking with pals in the neighborhood. If you can’t find him and he doesn’t show up by the next morning, put up posters with his picture and your contact information.

Never give up

There are plenty of stories about missing cats returning home that have a happy ending. The IFAW blog  tells the story of a cat named Maggie who disappeared from her loving home. The cat was trying to find her old home but was hit by a car on the way there. Her family had no idea what happened to her. A good samaritan found the cat, took her in to an emergency clinic, and had her injuries treated. It was touch and go for about 72 hours due to the severity of her injuries, but Maggie made a full recovery. The samaritan decided to post her picture on social media. She wanted to see if she could locate the family of the missing cat. The community responded to the social media post with Maggie’s picture and helped put the samaritan in contact with them. They were relieved to have their beloved pet returned home. As it turned out, the family had recently experienced the loss of a loved one. Maggie’s loss was felt by all of them and their relief at her return was immense. It was the blessing they needed. It was only made possible because a total stranger cared enough to get involved and take action, but it shows that you should never give up hope.

Final thoughts

It’s hard to predict what a cat is going to do. We do the best we can to keep them sheltered and protected from harm, but they are independent creatures. A cat’s instinct is to return home to their loved ones and a place that is familiar to them. If your cat has lived elsewhere in the past, and he goes missing, there is a good chance he’s trying to go back to his other home. The best course of action is to look in all the places you think he might be, and let others know about the situation. Most of the time, a cat will come back home on its own, but this isn’t always the case. He may be trying to reach another location or he may have had misfortune along with way. By informing the community about a beloved pet that has gone missing, you increase the chances of his safe return to your home. The moral of the story is never give up hope.

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