Stray Cat Mommy Brings Her Single Kitten to Neighborhood Cat Loving Man

Cat Saving Man

Max loves cats and dogs. He has a dog of his own and, for some reason, all the stray cats in his neighborhood love to come to his house and make themselves comfortable in the dog’s house in the yard. All we can say about that one is that this must be either one very small dog or one very friendly dog. Max says that the neighborhood strays are kind of his own cats in a way.

He can’t catch them all, but they do like to congregate in his yard so that they can relax, have a meal and so that they can become comfortable with him. Any that he is able to catch he likes to have fixed so that they don’t overpopulate the neighborhood and contribute to the local homeless pet problem.

sweet stray

sweet baby kitten - Copy

Max pays for these surgeries out of his own pocket, which is just astounding. He is truly a man that has some serious care and love for the animals that find their way into his home and his heart. However, none are quite as special to Max as the darling momma cat and her baby kitten that found their way into his dog’s house and made themselves at home. When he realized that there was a cat with a kitten in the house, he looked for more. He believes that the momma cat must have only had the one kitten, however. He now takes care of both and will have them fixed when they are both ready. The kitten is sweet and loving, and loves to explore his home. He’s taken these two on as his own, and it seems that the momma cat knew this would happen if only she brought her kitten to this man’s home and made herself comfortable there. It’s as if she knew he’d love them.

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