The Story of Munster the Werewolf Cat

If you’ve never heard of werewolf cats before, let us be the first to tell you that they do exist. No, they wouldn’t transform into some ungodly creatures during full moonlight, but at first glance you would probably suspect that they would. These scraggly looking felines are actually a type of breed known as Lykoi—something that’s unfamiliar to everyone. However unfamiliar they may be, everyone would come to agree that these cats are surely special.

None, however, are probably as special as one particular cat, Instagram sensation Munster. Munster is as unkempt as could be, and that’s only half his charm. His human found him and knew right away that he was something different. Yes, he’s definitely a werewolf cat, with this grey-flecked disheveled fur and his piercing and stunning yellow glassy eyes. One gaze into those and you’d be instantly mesmerized.

It turns out that Munster, like the rest of the Lykoi breed, is quite the intelligent bunch. Munster himself was named after a popular icon on television, Eddie Munster the wolf boy from The Munsters. Munster’s humans were fascinated with the culture of classic horror comedies, so it truly was a match made in heaven when they all found each other. Munster’s human would describe him as a highly energetic cat that will never stop surprising you. It will spend its entire day at your feet, beckoning you to pay all of your attention to it at all costs. When Munster is done following you around, it will go on its own and spend the rest of its day napping as if there were nothing else to do in life.

When the cat is feeling up to it, he will be the mischief that you knew he could be, playing around with you in such good fashion. Munster also happens to like playing fetch, but it will never pant for you like a dog would. As troublesome as Munster sounds, he’s actually quite the sweetheart according to his humans. When Munster comes to you sit on your lap or nuzzle your neck, you’ll feel what it means to be loved by a werewolf cat. It’s a special relationship that only happens once in a blue moon—or once in a full moon rather.

Many people have taken to Munster the way that its human has. Given its fascinating and distinctive looks, it’s difficult not to fall in love with such a uniquely adorable cat. Munster’s Instagram and Facebook pages basically chronicle its life, and people are following him like crazy. Munster’s human has posted pictures of it napping or in the middle of an activity. You might think nothing interesting about the life of a day-to-day cat that just sits on the sill. But that’s not Munster. Munster is always in action. If it’s not jumping and bouncing around its home like there’s no tomorrow, Munster is always out and about on the streets enjoying the sights of its home town of British Columbia.

When out on a walk with its owner, Munster sits inside a backpack that has a window it could look out of. Many people have spotted Munster this way—bright eyed and absolutely engaged and mystified by the world outside. We could only imagine what Munster would do if ever it was let out by its human to run free outdoors. Munster would probably jump at the chance to climb upon a tree and howl at the moon, or maybe it will just run around chasing birds like normal cats would do.

Either way, there’s more to this werewolf cat than meets the eye, but if you happen to be far from British Columbia, the best option you have for seeing Munster would be online. You can visit Munster’s Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date on what it’s been up to lately. Munster’s human is always posting new pictures and new updates on the werewolf cat, especially now that so many people are so curious about the creature. Many people have also fallen in love with this cat that resembles a werewolf like no other. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting your own werewolf cat after seeing Munster. Its appeal is certainly very infectious.

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