Woman Can’t Resist Adopting Cats Despite Original Intention

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For people who love cats (and let’s be honest – there are a lot of us out there!) – it is sometimes impossible to resist the urge to adopt one. They look up at you with their big eyes and their adorable faces and seem to say ‘please take me with you’. This is exactly what happened to professional cartoonist, Melissa Mendes, when she came into contact with a group of kittens while working on a job at a farm in Massachusetts. The farm was incidentally next door to where she grew up as a child. Her love of cats had not faded from when she was young. She was therefore thrilled to be met by a group of kittens when she began work on the mural they wanted to be drawn on a wall at the farm.

Every time Mendes arrived at the farm to start work, the kittens would crowd around her, fascinated with what she was up to. They tried to help. They went over her planning notes and drawings, sat on her bag, and were generally fascinated by what she was doing. She gradually gained a real fondness for them. She knew that they were being adopted and one by one they disappeared from the barn.

Now, Mendes already had a cat of her own, called Bruce. It is always a difficult decision to make regarding whether or not to get another pet. After all, they require greater responsibility, they cost money and time. On the other hand, your heart always cries out saying – I want to look after this animal – he or she needs me and I need him or her! Mendes wasn’t sure what to do. Litters came and litters went and she still deliberated.


Eventually, Oscar came along. He was born in a new litter and Mendes noticed something ever sio slightly different about him. She fell for him. She wanted him to be hers. The next problem was convincing her boyfriend. However, it wasn’t much of a problem and it didn’t take much to convince him. Oscar is a beautiful cat and it was good for Bruce as well. Oscar settled into the household really easily and Mendes is convinced that it was the right thing to do. She still gets the pleasing feeling of going to work to do the mural and seeing other cats, but she can come home to her very own as well. Further, her sister in law bought two more kittens from the same litter as Oscar, so he could continue to see his siblings and Mendes had even more cats to play with.

The mural came off a great success in the end and Mendes is convinced that it is all to do with the kittens. Certainly, animals make us feel much better about ourselves and help us to get through the day. When we build a relationship with a particular animal it becomes really tough to say goodbye. This is what happened between Mendes and Oscar. Oscar now has a loving home with a friend in Bruce, occasionally seeing his siblings and a loving owner in Mendes.

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