Mini Haunted Houses for Cats Now Exist at Target

Haunted Cat House

Many people love their pets so much that they consider them a member of the family and include them in all aspects of their family life. This can include their day-to-day activities or any special events that they celebrate. One event that people celebrate that generally involves the whole family is Halloween. There are now some amazing products available that allow you to include your cat in this holiday event. Cat fancy dress costumes have been around for some time. These are available for all occasions and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some cat outfits that you might find for sale around Halloween time include ghosts, pumpkins, and vampires. These are great if your cat is tagging along when you go out trick or treating.

Now, Target has taken its range of Halloween related pet products one step further. They have introduced to their range mini haunted houses for cats, says Popsugar. The cardboard mini haunted houses are called the Hyde & EEK! Boutique Basic Cat Scratcher, which is available at a cost of around $17. The haunted houses feature two floors so that the cat can squeeze into the ground floor or dare to explore the upper level. Despite being made from cardboard, the construction is solid enough for your cat to even sit on the roof of the haunted house. Inside the haunted house, there are no squeaky floorboards. Instead, the manufacturers have covered the floors with scratching pads for your cat to enjoy. Basically, it is a themed scratching post.

Each haunted cat chateau is just big enough for one cat to squeeze inside, as they measure 19-inches long, 17-inches wide, and 23-inches tall. Your cat can even fit inside their haunted house if they are kitted out in their Halloween costume. Although there isn’t space for your cat to run around, there is enough room for them to enjoy some of the activities they love. At the front of the mini haunted houses, there is a vestibule entry space with a good-sized doorway that leads through to the two-story tower. The exterior of this product features a black, orange, and white design. In addition to the painted bricks, tiles, and decorative architectural features, these cardboard houses also feature pumpkins to fit with the Halloween theme of the product, says Bored Panda.

Your cat can enjoy the Hyde & EEK! Boutique Cat Scratcher in several different ways. They can use it as a scratching post, have a cat nap in the lower section, or simply have hours of fun climbing between the levels or sitting on the roof. Therefore, it is the perfect gift for your cat this Halloween. Target is not the only company to sell products that get cats into the Halloween spirit. Nor are they the only ones that have made a haunted house cat scratcher. Several other companies, including Cacao Pets, has designed and released their own versions of a haunted house for cats. Each company has developed its own design to represent the Halloween theme. While these are partly intended as novelty items due to their fun themes, there are some real benefits of choosing a playhouse for your cat. First, a cat playhouse can provide a safe haven for your cat. Most cats like a place to call their own, and shy or anxious cats can feel a lot calmer if they have a little hidey-hole into which they can retreat.

Larger playhouses also offer the benefit of encouraging your cat to exercise. This is particularly important for indoor cats that have limited opportunities for exercise due to their indoor environment. This means that indoor cats are prone to obesity as a result of their lack of activity. Having a cat playhouse encourages activity and exercise. Most cat playhouses, such as Target’s mini haunted house, include elements for a cat to scratch. This is either scratching pads or an inbuilt scratching tree. Cat scratching is a natural behavior that is done to keep their claws trim and to mark their territory. One of the downsides of cat ownership is that their scratching behavior can cause lots of damage to your furniture.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to discourage a cat from scratching your furniture is to buy it a scratching post. This gives them something of their own that they can scratch. Therefore, buying a cat playhouse is a great way to prevent your cat from damaging the furniture. If the playhouse has two or more levels, like the haunted house from Target, then it encourages your cat to climb. Sitting in an elevated position is important to cats. This relates to their natural behavior in the wild. They need to climb to see into the distance and watch for danger. Even though it is normal for cats to climb, their owners often discourage them from doing so in the house. Cattress notes that a playhouse can double as a cat tree and give them somewhere of their own to climb.

Finally, a playhouse can also become a place where your cat can sleep. Cats love to have a secretive little spot that is dark and warm where they can curl up and catch 40 winks. Playhouses offer your cat the perfect environment to hide away and enjoy their sleep without being disturbed. Overall, buying your cat a playhouse is a great idea as it offers many benefits. In addition to being a fun toy, they also give your cat the chance to exercise, scratch, hide, sleep, scratch, and climb. These are all activities that your cat enjoys. If you are considering buying your cat a playhouse and you want to add an extra element of fun during the Halloween season, then a playhouse with a haunted house theme is a fantastic idea.

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