Rescuer Creates “Kitty City” for Displaced Shelter Cats

Kitty City 2

Even if you’re a dog person, like me, your heart probably breaks just like mine does whenever you see a stray cat who is pitiful and scrawny from being malnourished and utterly homeless. If so, you’ll probably feel warm and fuzzy about this wonderful woman who takes in homeless stray cats in a really big way. If only more of us had as big a heart as she does and could help out animals in need in cities around the country.

Based in Mandan, North Dakota, Alison Smith is no stranger to rescuing animals in need. She founded Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue and, in my mind, she’s a real life hero. She has rescued not only miniature horses but big ones, too, in addition to cats, cows, and goats. This is one equal opportunity animal lover. And, she even takes in special needs cats like Mowgli. He’s an orange tabby and a serious infection cost him his eyes. But, he’ll be living the rest of his life in Smith’s home because of his disability and his need for extra love.

Kitty City 3

What’s especially cute about her story is that she had cat condos built on her ranch to house the influx of homeless cats. They are complete with everything any kitty could need, like windows, a front entrance ramp, and even comfy bedding. And, I really love the fact that she named each kitty condo things like Kitty City Council, Pawlice Station, and Fat Cat Bakery.

She even built a kitty community center complete with toys, scratch posts, and sofas for the cats to lounge around on without ever getting bored. So far, she has 13 furry felines in residence there and they have the luxury of going in and out as they please. With a fence around their area, they are completely safe. Kitty City is still a work in progress, but Smith is planning to have the ability to house at lease 40 additional rescue kitties before the coming Spring. With the local shelters full to overflowing, there’ll probably plenty of kitties in need of rescuing. And, what more could they want more than a one-way ticket to Kitty City?

Kitty City 4

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