New Show Called “Cat People” is Coming to Netflix

With COVID-19 forcing us to stay indoors, social media has kept us occupied with all types of content. People have discovered their inner children that have been let out through all kinds of hilarious stuff, while others have reignited the bond they had with their pets, all posted on social media platforms. Television producers have been watching the reaction to such content closely and, as a result, decided to bring to us a show that will explore relationships cat people around the world have with their pets. Consequently, “Cat People” will grace your screen in less than a month when it is released on July 7, 2021. So, what is the hype about the show, yet it is not the first docuseries about pets? Here’s all you need to know.

Nothing but Cats

According to Netflix Junkie, “Cat People” is a mini docuseries about cats detailing how certain cat people from around the world bonded with their felines. As the description about the Netflix Original docuseries explains, there are all kinds of cat people worldwide, and they come in all shapes and sizes. However, they have a common feature that unites them all through their love for felines. Additionally, the show dispels the negative stereotypes regarding the meaning of being a cat person while clarifying the truth of what it entails.

Some of the beautiful stories shared include one of a woman who never thought she would ever love cats to the point of planning birthday parties for them. However, time changes people, and she found herself looking forward to giving her feline presents to celebrate another year of filling her life with pure bliss. Another couldn’t believe that the special relationship she has with her cat and the updates on her social media would get her over 23,000 followers on Instagram.

The extent to which cat people want to be involved in pet’s lives as much as the cats like to be in theirs is incredible. Therefore, in the trailer shared on YouTube, another cat person taught her cats to play guitar, piano, and drums. For other cat owners, it’s not about entertaining others with what their cats can do but out of selflessness. One man said he rescues cats because they saved him. Still, if you have never seen a cat surfing, you can watch one doing so like a professional when the show comes to your screen on July 7, 2021.

Not the only Animal Docuseries to Expect

It seems that Netflix is determined to renew our perception of animals through another animal show that will also be released on July 7, 2021. “Dogs” is returning for the second season; the first premiered on November 16, 2018, and the announcement of the return of the second season was on June 2019. Like “Cat People,” “Dogs” explore the unique connection humans and dogs have, focusing on different cultures, countries, and people around the world. While the first season had six episodes, the second will have only four. One of the episodes, according to Fox 59, will feature Butler University’s Butler Blue and the health journey of Blue’s handler who underwent a kidney transplant. Other dogs featured are a priest’s canine and pup partners of an astronaut, among many more.

The show’s creator, Glen Zipper, said it does not matter whether you are a dog or cat person; all that matters is that you will enjoy the inspiring stories of the furry animals. He added that it is a befitting celebration of the animals’ role in our lives, especially during the pandemic. The show’s executive producer remarked that creating the uplifting show is the highlight of her career. However, there seems to be a distinct difference between the shows. While “Cat People” appears to focus mainly on how cats entertain their owners, “Dogs” shows how canines are loyal and helpful to humans and how humans reciprocate. According to Indiewire’s review of “Dogs,” one woman said she would save her dog before her husband if a fire ever broke out in their house, which gives you a picture of how much she loves her dog.

Negative Stereotypes about Cats

Since “Cat People” emphasizes that it wants to squash the negative stereotypes concerning cats, let’s share some of them. One of the most common stereotypes is about the “crazy cat lady.” For a long time, older women, especially those who are single are associated with cats. Tree Hugger attempted to reason where this stereotype stemmed from and concluded it is because since ages ago, women and cats have had a strong cultural and historical connection. Cats loved the warmth in kitchens; hence, the special bond between them and the females in the household. The connection is also in how the two species behave. Although cats have primarily been associated with teenagers, women portray similar traits to the felines, such as unpredictable moodiness and sassiness. Therefore, another stereotype that Metaphorical Platypus debunked is how we assume cats only care about themselves, yet they have been helping people in various ways, including detecting cancer. Male cats even take over motherly duties if the mother of kittens cannot care for the young ones.

You must have also concluded that your cat is unsociable because it only lets you near on its own terms. However, that is also a stereotype because cats are sociable animals so long as they were properly socialized as kittens. There are so many myths that have been proven wrong over the years, and although the description of “Cat People” does not detail the precise stereotypes they want to debunk, we only have a few weeks until we can see for ourselves. So far from the trailer, we can already say that cats are friendly creatures that love having fun and since one person confessed to the felines saving him, let’s wait and see how they did that. With the eagerness that cat lovers have for the new show, we can only hope that it meets their expectations.

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