10 Facts You Don’t Want to Know about Cute Animals

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Animals, for the most part, are just cute. There’s no other word adequate enough to describe certain animals. Animals like giraffes and kittens and monkeys are just adorable. If you want to talk not-so-cute animals, we’d discuss things like snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlies that make you really just want to die when they get too close to you. No really, some animals are so terrifyingly gross they actually make you want to die. We can’t help it; we don’t make those rules. The good news, however, is that we really only like to discuss cute animals. The bad news is that sometimes even cute animals are pretty disgusting. The next time you think about getting up close and personal with a cute pet, just remember that they’re actually kind of gross. They make some questionable decisions and do some things that might make you think twice about going in for a kiss or a close-up. Here are a few things you never wanted to know about cute animals.

Baby Koala Bears Eat Their Mother’s Feces

There are certain foods that adult koalas consume that are toxic to babies. To build immunity to the toxins found in certain foods, babies eat their mother’s feces. This helps them so that they are eventually able to consume the same foods for the many nutrients that they contain. It’s gross, but it’s just the way that life is for these adorable little koalas. The next time one wants to come up to you for a snuggle, we bet you think twice about leaning in for that one.

Jackals Eat and Throw Up Food to Feed Their Babies

They’re so cute. They’re like dogs or foxes or a mixture of several dog-like animals that run wild. They’re so cute; that’s all we know. But they are really, really gross. Mother jackals eat food and then regurgitate the same food so that their babies can consume it. The babies then eat the thrown up food. We don’t know which is more disgusting; the fact that mothers do this or the fact that the babies eat it. No, it’s entirely more disgusting to eat it. Now we have you thinking about it, don’t we?

Giraffes Pick Their Noses…With Their Tongues

It’s not like it’s a big secret that giraffes have very long and very large tongues. And with a tongue like that, what’s an animal to do but try to make life more enjoyable, simpler and less complicated? One might think it’s a cool feature to have and if you enjoy picking your nose and then consuming the contents, you might find that this is a much more to-the-point way of getting that job done. It’s gross, we know; and it seems like exactly the thing that a toddler would appreciate having at their disposal.

Elephants Eat Feces

For various reasons, baby elephants enjoy eating feces. It can be their own. It can be someone else’s. We don’t think that they really mind whose they are eating as long as they are eating it. What we do know is that this is not their primary source of nutrition, but what we don’t know is what they get from feces that they think is good for them.

Rabbits Consume Feces for Nutrients

Though a lot smaller than elephants, rabbits have some of the same disgusting habits as these much larger animals. Truth be told, they’re just gross. They eat feces and they like it because it gives them nutrients. The next time you are in your garden picking vegetables and thinking you don’t mind all that much if a rabbit gets in the garden and has a taste here and there, just remember that he might have just gotten done eating a meal filled with feces before licking your veggies. Yum.

One Cat Had a 5-Inch Hairball

Cats have hairballs. It’s not a secret. If you have a cat, you know that your cat has hairballs. Every so often you see the cat looking as if he’s about to vomit and you know what’s about to happen; a hairball is coming up. Cats lick themselves pretty regularly. It’s how they ‘clean’ themselves. And I put it that way because I just don’t see how anyone can feel at all clean after using its tongue to do the job, but whatever. The world’s largest hairball as of this moment in time is more than 5-inches in size. That’s a big hairball when you consider how small cats are in comparison.

Cow Gas Equates to a Half Gallon

It might not sound like much, but we didn’t add the last part of that little fact. Cows can have gas that equates to a half gallon a minute. That’s seriously the most disgusting thing we’ve ever heard. While we’re not big on large cows, the little ones are so cute that we would totally pet one if we knew it wouldn’t attack. But now, maybe not so much. Maybe distance is for the best.

Hippos Mark their Territory in the Grossest Way

This animal is large, but it’s sweet. It looks so lost and lonely out there in the watery areas they’re kept in zoos as if they’re just searching desperately for a friend. Well, it’s going to be difficult for them to find one considering the fact that they like to use their tails to fling their feces, urine included, at other animals and objects so that they can mark their territory. Here’s a thought;  perhaps if men and women did the same thing to their philandering significant others, they’d worry less about what the other is doing when they’re not around.

Giraffes Drool like Crazy

When they’re not picking their noses and eating their boogers with their tongues, they’re drooling all over the place. The next time you are up on the platform at the zoo and one gets close to you to feed, think twice before getting too close for a photo with that large animal. You literally do not want anything to do with what’s in that animals’ mouth.

Puppies Eat Feces

A lot of the really cute animals on this list consume feces, and we all agree wholeheartedly that this is just gross. However, we can say with certainty that most other animals (and by most we mean all) eat feces for various nutrients. Puppies just eat it for fun. Hey, remember when your new puppy licked your face this morning and it was SO CUTE? Not anymore, is it?

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