Nybble is Considered the Perfect Gift For the Cat Enthusiast

Robotic pets are something that people have been interested in for some time. For proof, look no further than sci-fi films from both the past and the present, which include a wide range of characters that can be described as pets with various degrees of accuracy. With that said, it isn’t difficult to see why robotic pets are so fascinating for people out there, seeing as how they possess a number of upsides.

For instance, robotic pets can tap into our ability to identify with other things without hitting the uncanny valley in the process. In short, we tend to see things from our own perspective, meaning that it is very easy for us to humanize things. On an intellectual level, we might know that a robotic pet of the present isn’t much more than a collection of pre-programmed routines, but so long as it behaves in a manner that seems life-like to us, we are predisposed to seeing it as such. Meanwhile, since robotic pets tend to be built to resemble popular animals such as cats and dogs, they dodge the issue of the uncanny valley, which is when we found something unsettling because it is both too similar and too different from an actual human. The exact cause for this phenomenon is unknown, though it has been speculated to be connected to our ability to distinguish sick and otherwise unwell people from their healthier counterparts. Whatever the case, it plays a significant part in determining why so many people find lifelike dolls, mannequins, and robots to be more than a little bit unsettling.

Regardless, while robotics is still far from the point of reaching into the realm of science fiction, there are already many, many companies that are making use of it to provide consumers with a wide range of fascinating products. One excellent example would be the robotic pets that can be found out there, with some being much more noticeable than others.

Why Should You Check Out the Nybble?

One excellent example is Nybble, which is a rather intriguing concept that is best-suited for a very particular segment of those who are interested in robotics. First and foremost, it is a robotic cat that is capable of behaving in a wide range of lifelike ways, which has proven in other products to be capable of charming interested individuals. However, what causes the Nybble to stand out is its ability to be upgraded for even better results than otherwise possible.

For instance, the Nybble comes with a small computer as well as customizable software, which enable interested individuals to make changes to its behavioral patterns on their own. Something that is sure to make it a neat choice for people who already have an interest in coding. On top of this, there are various components that can be installed in the Nybble for better performance than otherwise possible, thus making it even more customizable.

Summed up, the Nybble is an excellent way to encourage interested individuals to develop their coding skill as well as similar capabilities. After all, they have a very clear incentive in the form of an even better robotic cat, which is more than enough to encourage a wide range of people out there.

Further Considerations

On the whole, the existence of the Nybble says a lot of interesting things about what the future could hold in store for us. For the time being, robotic pets are relatively simple things because we are still very far from true AI. However, there are a wide range of entities that are pouring enormous amounts of resources into creating better machine intelligence, which is already being put to a remarkable range of uses. In fact, the current trends suggest that there will be a huge wave of automatization to come in the not too distant future, which has already caused a wide range of experts to show concern about the potential effects for society as a whole. However, said improvements promise to have other extensive effects for consumer goods, which would presumably include robotic pets. If our current robotic pets are already so good at charming us, it will be interesting to see what their future counterparts will be capable of, particularly since they won’t have any of the inconveniences that come with real animals.

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