Paralyzed Cat is Dedicated to Caring for Sick and Injured Animals

Dalai Lama said that we should be kind whenever possible, and it is always possible. He also added that if you want yourself and others to be happy, you should practice compassion. People like Mother Teresa left a legacy of kindness that we are yet to witness in a similar magnitude. Luckily, being compassionate is not restricted to humans alone as one feline has proven. The story of how a paralyzed nurse cat is dedicated to caring for sick and injured animals made the headlines a few years ago, but it never grows old. So if you have never read it before, here are the intriguing details that will also move you to be kind to animals and humans alike, if you are not already.

He was meant to die

Black cats have never had it easy, with people always assuming that they bring bad luck. However, one jet black cat has brought good fortune to a shelter after he found himself at Bydgoszcz animal shelter in Poland. His owner could no longer bear the suffering that the two-month-old feline was going through due to upper respiratory infection. Hoping to relieve him of his pain, the cat’s owner gave him up at the shelter so they could put him down.

However, the veterinarian at the shelter, Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich, could also not bring herself to kill the animal, so they started looking after him. Unfortunately, the condition worsened as the cat continued balding, and the illness became contagious. He had to be quarantined from the other animals, and at one time, the staff reconsidered ethical euthanasia to put the misery to an end. The feline not only had respiratory infections that resulted in sniffling and sneezing, but he was also predisposed to secondary bacterial infection, according to Animal Channel.

Making a miraculous recovery

Where there is life, there is hope, and the cat was not going to give up that easily. Therefore as if sensing the staff at the shelter were considering putting him to permanent sleep, he made a miraculous recovery. The team consequently immediately christened him “Rademenes” after a cat in a Polish children’s series. The cat in the show is a reincarnation of an Egyptian man who showed his gratitude to the boy who saved him, by granting the lad seven wishes.

Rademenes is also living up to his name because he, too, is paying back in full the love and care he received. He sleeps with those suffering from a severe illness, grooms them, and hugs them as if letting them know that he is there whenever they need him. He has been such a great comforter to the ailing animals that the staff the shelter has nicknamed him their full-time nurse.

Another paralyzed cat determined to help other sick animals

Rademenes is not the only feline that has shown his love for sick animals despite having problems of his own. In Russia, one cat was found abandoned, probably because of the spinal damage that had resulted in his inability to walk. He was taken care of at the vet clinic, and although he is disabled, he does not let his disability come in the way of helping those in need. Although he still is paralyzed, according to The Animal Rescue Site, he has regained a little mobility in his limbs.

However, even before he could walk, he would drag himself to the sick animals to cuddle with them and keep them warm. It is still a mystery why such a caring cat was named Lucifer, yet there is nothing but a generous soul in him, but maybe it is the fact that he is black, just like Rademenes. Besides cuddling up with ailing animals, Lucifer does but mind donating his blood when the need arises. He has now become so popular that the vet clinic uses him for advertisements.

How do animals detect illness?

One cat in Rhode Island’s Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre was known for sensing when the senior citizens were about to die since he would suddenly show them affection. Dogs, on the other hand, have become helpful in notifying people with epilepsy of an impending seizure attack so they can go about their daily lives without worrying if they are about to cross the road and suddenly have an attack. It may seem strange that animals can do that; hence science has come up with logical reasons as to how the pets can sense illness.

As per the scientific studies, dogs and cats have a strong sense of smell, and some dog breeds have about 40-50% times more scent receptors than human beings. When we are ill, our body chemical composition changes, and the pets can pick up on that to know that something is wrong. Moreover, some dogs are trained to detect certain illnesses with a 90% accuracy, and people have testified that their pets helped them detect cancer at an early stage.

Why do pets protect sick animals?

According to Angie’s List, animals protect their sick colleagues because they also want to be helped in the future. In the wild, the trait has been attributed to biological altruism, and it is evident not just in the caring of sick animals but also in the sharing of meals and catering to young ones that are not their own. The case of a cat taking care of dogs and other species is not uncommon because they also want protection too should they fall ill. It is especially common in pets that have been raised in the same house, so it is not a surprise to see a cat lying next to an ailing dog and keeping him warm.

Other people like Lucyna do not credit the survival instinct. Instead, they believe that the cats know what it is like to be in pain but receive help. Therefore when a chance to reciprocate comes along, they do not hesitate.

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