Quarantine Cat Film Festival Coming to Virtual Theaters

With over a month into lock down restrictions the dire effects are taking a toll on the economic sphere. This lifestyle shift has forced both individuals and businesses to adapt to new routines that are proving to be a handful. Such unprecedented times call for desperate measures. Pet owners are probably feeling the most heat having to care for themselves and their animals. The social distancing rules translate to staying indoors for the better part, cancelling out any hopes of nature walks or lively activities. On top of that WHO reports of pet susceptibility to the COVID virus is working to fan the flame all the more.

Although pets do come off as wonderful companions and emotional anchors, it takes great effort to keep their spirits up while indoors. No amount of petting could ever achieve that. This is why virtual pet cinemas have come to the rescue, solely relying on animals as the cast. That way both you and your pet can catch a break. This idea strays away from the usual dark room ambience, pop corn pool and 3D glasses that watchers are accustomed to however theatre owners are taking to it as a last resort to rescue their income. The Quarantine cat festival is set to premiere on Friday June 19th in Canada and US, a brain child to the Row House film creators in Pittsburgh.

Inspired by the need to boost the local cinema enterprise the entertainment house innovatively put together a blueprint that will drive in funds to independent theatres while at the same time offer leisure distractions. Unlike house hold name theatres that have a pool of resources to draw from, local ones are nearly going underwater due to financial shortage. For this reason Row House is exclusively working with local cinemas to mitigate the disaster. This is how it works. Cat lovers get a chance to purchase tickets via their local theatre’s website from which 50% of the sales will be ploughed back to respective cinemas, hopefully, offsetting large debts. Up to recently 47 cinemas have registered with the number daily increasing.

Not only do film veterans get a chance to give back to community but equally participate. Cat owners are encouraged to send in videos of their pets that will be used to compile the 70 min long movie. Submissions will be judged on 4 major categories; the funniest, cutest, bravest and most loving cat. Film producers are requesting for audition clips as from 15th to the 19th of May. According to The Row House website, some of the video instructions highlighted include; a 2gb limit per video, up to 3 videos per household, a 30 sec maximum length per movie, no music additions and a limitation to land-scape shots. Further details on the application procedure are included. Film clarity must also be considered if you hope to make the cut.

Just to add to the thrill, cash prizes will be awarded to the best clip. Participants get to compete for amounts soon to be announced as the film’s release draws nigh. Winners will be notified prior and secure a featuring in the cat show. As of now, the 9 News reveals a trailer tease of the movie which promises to play out an ecstasy for cat lovers around the world. Virtual cinemas currently in demand have in the past been ridiculed by stakeholders in the film industry for strong reasons, the leading one being loss of customer loyalty. Argued by experts, streaming in from indoor comfort opens doors to new norms and eventually empty cinema seats. Pro- longed long enough and the repercussions could bring film entertainment to its knees. On the other hand, some dispute based on the pandemic anxiety which has forcefully propelled investors to reroute to unconventional alternatives considering the ambiguity of its end.

The quarantine cat festival might just be the start of many thus traditional filmmakers are encouraged to go back to the drawing board if they hope to generate any income. More innovative ideas will likely overshadow what’s left of standard movie experiences. A recent development has already ushered drive in theaters where watchers get to stream in from inside their vehicles through digital gadgets. With social distance precautions prone to extend, no one knows what new strategy may come up next. As viewers anticipate the film premiere here is some advice on how to protect you and your pet during the Corona virus disruption. According to the YS Weekender:

  • 1. Sanitize Every Now and Then – This applies to both pet parents and animals. Pets are active and often stray into different places without your knowledge. Ensure to wipe their paws regularly with disinfectants. Pet sanitizers should be easily accessible from your local pet supply store.  Keep a reservoir of old newspapers for them to stand on when out on a nature call. Equally make certain they refrain from common area surfaces such as corridors that can easily contaminate.
  • 2. Regular Baths – Wash your animal preferably twice a week. Thoroughly scrub the nails and cut them when they grow too long. Follow up with a dry towel and brush their fur down for maximum hygiene. Wash up yourself afterwards just to be safe.
  • 3. Have an Emergency Service Line – This you can get from your local vet. A 24 hour line works best during crisis giving you access you to professional advice from the comfort of your home. In case a physical visit is needed you can plan in advance to avoid crowding in the facility.
  • 4. Auxiliary Precautions – Create indoor obstacles for your pet to keep them agile and exercised. Make homemade toys that will allow you to play along with your animal. Teach new tricks to keep them interested and looking forward to co-operate time. Do not allow overeating; only stick to average healthy meal servings.


With strict adhering to the above pet guide, animal caregivers plus their cats should stay in top form to enjoy the eagerly awaited cat festival. In the mean time we steadily embrace virtual cinemas possibly as our only salvation for now.

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