Eight Reasons Why Cats Dominate The Internet

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YouTube actually gets more searches for dogs than cats. Yet cats are much more likely to go viral.  The average BuzzFeed feline story gets almost 9,000 viral views, compared with 5,000 for canines.  Since 2011, cats got almost four times the viral views as dogs.   But why?  That’s the eternal question.  Why all the cat memes?  Why such popularity? Why all the cat celebs and internet festivals.  What gives here?  Well, we’ve come up with eight reasons why cats rule the internet….


History Speaks for Itself – Cats go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.  You can’t mess with thousands of years here.


Cats are more likely as pets – When people have children later in life they are likely to get pets.   Those pets are statistically more likely to be cats.


Mass Cuteness – Dogs are cute too, we’re not saying they’re not but can you deny the cuteness factor here?


Complexity – Cats are actually a bit more complex and expressive than dogs are.  And a computer screen makes the most of those often subtle faces.


Socializing is done on the web – Cat socializing is done more on the web whereas dog socializing is often done in person.  For example. we don’t see too many cat parks around do we?


Cats are Natural – this is a theory but some people say that dogs try to hard and that cats are more authentic when they’re being videotaped.


Curiosity – Just as we love to watch cats, cats love to watch people.   It’s those moments too where we can find kitty greatness.


Outlets for our self projection – Just as people project their stress onto Grumpy Cat, they seem to project generosity onto Piper the Beltline cat. With the help of an unidentified human who answers emails, Piper told us the Twitter and Facebook accounts got started as a way to share the notes people leave in the mailbox.

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